Reflections and Misdemeanours

Daily reflections and misedemeanours are thoughts of putting on a daily spiritual clothing - prayer, using our God given gifts and keeping warm (looking after ourselves). Castles need knights in armour but Paul recommends the whole armour of God the stuff that made people want to build churches and Cathedrals, missions and prayer groups.

 I could barely see the horizon as my eyes and body curl out of sleep. But as I brightened up there was the still quiet innocent sham castle staring back at me. A place of  refuge during  a  more rural time when there were no petrol filled vehicles and blocks of houses in the valley only interrupted by a river,  hills and trees.

Curling my arms and stretching  to touch my fully sunlit window I glance at  the church steeples domineering the city space. Vitality and life in contrast to my sham castle on the horizon with  dormancy setting in after a heyday of battles and the only place of refuge from warriors.   My castle in the horizon has a lonely  presence but  continues to give hope, a secure defense against warriors.

A poem barely  remembered from school speech days hum in my senses as I stare at castle, church spire, roof tops and vehicles small and large transforming into boxes caricatured in forgotten lines of  the poet laureate's final verse

"Property, property, let us extend soul and body without end

A box on wheels that makes paces, a box that shouts and makes faces and curtains and fences as good as  the ..............

To keep out the neighbours and keep us immured

enjoying the cold-canned fruit of our labours

In a sterilised cell unshared insured

property property when will it end


will the

poltergeist ascend out of the sewer

with chopper and squib to burn the mink

and the baby's bib

and stop all the fighting

and biting

and give these ingrowned souls an outing!"

Some Poet Laureate's Gospel

Leading to thoughts of another who wrote letters about the Good News words as strong as the defenses of castles and cathedrals  in letters to Galatia and Ephesus to put on an armour not a curtain or a fence.

"Put on the  whole armour of God" Ephesians chapter 6 verses 10-20.

Paul would have watched the Roman Army put on their sword and armour from head to toe.

So, he encapsulated the defense of a Roman town or city in the words of his letter to the Ephesian church members.

The End

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