Monolog 2#

J- Hailey

(did you hear that?)

J- Hailey,


(My own voice echoes off the smoke stained walls, penetrating me with its emptiness.)


H- Where are you?

-Right here

(Do you see anything)


H-I just want to be left alone, y-y you freak

H-(The hurt gasp that escaped my through my teeth, wasn't my own. )

J-“I am here on a count to you, therefor you, Hailey, are the freak”

H-( I am now thoroughly confused.)

H- Not possible, I have friends family, a boyfriend that loves me. I am no freak

J- But you don't even except yourself? Why so much self loathing?

H- (Disfigured bodies slowly claw at me from all directions, their limbs clutch on by threads of skin.

H-How do you know that? Who are you?

H-(Their faces slowly brightened into sinister smiles then fade.)

J- I am colour

H- umm?

J- I am music

H- - but... that makes no sense

J- I am the creativity that flows within the confines of your veins

H- huh?

J- I am your imagination, but you can call me Jane (Holds out hand)

H-( Shakes it apprehensively)

The End

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