These are meant to be read and acted as a mono log.

Part 1

I'm trapped in this darkness, or is it the absence of lightness? How does one tell if they are bathing in the depths of the waters cold or is it scalding my bones? The water plays a symphony quite literally, it weaves in and out of the showering droplets . “Jane... Jane” the piano whispers my name, in between the gasps of the violin victory speech. “JANE” except this time the voice is very real, she doesn't like the sourceless music like I do.

Tik Toc

Oh The colour... The colour is creativity. Colours erupting unable to stay in the confines of my veins. Painting our sanity.

Hailey thinks that I am unlovable. That he could never except me...

He's colour blind she pleads, as she screams at the mirror.. or is it at me?

Love for her, love for him, never me?



I am suppressed by these walls of brick laid by her. I will linger a little longer in this darkness or is it lightness?

I hear music as water falls

Over her

Over you

Over us.

The End

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