Chapter Six

(Dan's POV)

Haylee handed Dan her phone to take the first picture, one of her and Will. He felt their hands brush against each other as she placed it in his hand before scooting back to pose nicely with the guitarist. His arm was draped around her shoulder, and Dan quickly took two pictures, just in case one turned out blurry or something of the sort.

“Do you fancy her?” Woody had appeared beside him, speaking lowly in his ear. Or, for being so short, as close to his ear as he could get.

Taken aback by his friend’s sudden teasing question, he nearly shouted, “No!” which was followed by severe blushing.

“You do, don’t you?” Woody asked as he observed Dan’s face, a grin taking over his expression.

“Maybe. I don’t know, I just met her! She’s a fan.”

“Well, to find out… I dare you to put your arm around her waist when your time comes to take a picture with her. If you blush, you fancy her, and you have to put your number in her phone.”

“Fine. Challenge accepted,” he mumbled after a moment’s hesitation, though surprised that Woody would dare such a thing.

Dan then handed the phone off to Kyle and took his place beside Haylee. She was pushed close to him by Woody, who was told by Kyle that they weren’t close enough. Apparently Woody had gotten Kyle in on this cruel joke as well. Snaking his arm around her waist, he smiled for the camera. Her body was warm against his, even just touching at their sides. He felt her arm wrap around his waist in return, her hand brushing up against the area a bit lower than his hips. She instantly froze, not sure what to do.

“OOPS! I’m so sorry.”

Her apology sounded sincere, and she immediately removed her hand to cover her face and laugh. He just laughed, too, giving her side a little squeeze to tell her that it was alright. However, it was not alright. Not according to his face, which had by now turned a very deep red.

Woody could barely contain his laughter as well.

“No, no, get back together,” he said, “I need a picture with your actual smiles.” The two composed themselves enough to get back into the same position. Dan felt Haylee’s carefulness as she placed her arm and hand properly. After Kyle was done taking what seemed like a million pictures, the phone was once again returned to Dan.

“You lost. You have to put your number in. Do you know how happy that would make her? I mean, she obviously fancies you, according to her misjudgment of hand placement.”

Woody was beside him again.

“What if she posts it on the internet?”

Something told Dan she wouldn’t, but then again, he wasn’t always the best at judging people.

“She probably won’t.”

Quickly entering himself as contact, Woody took time and stalled for Dan.

“So, Haylee, what other kind of music do you fancy?” Dan heard Woody holding Haylee’s attention while he quickly entered his number into his contact, hoping that she didn’t notice. Too nervous to notice her response, Dan got back on her camera.

“Say cheese.”

He smiled over her phone before taking two pictures. Finally, it was Kyle’s turn. Nothing else really interesting happened before picture-taking was over. It was time for Haylee to leave.

“Well,” Dan started, “I’m really sorry, but we have to run now.”

Her sad smile made his heart hurt a little, so he added, “It really was a pleasure to meet you.”

The entire band cheered for her. Dan had to admit, Haylee started to look a little flustered by the crowd of them whooping and hollering for her. He hoped she wouldn’t forget it anytime soon, and that she’d see his number in her phone and text him, maybe even call.

Of course, that was not a desire he wished to share with his friends. They already seemed set on getting the two together, but Dan wasn’t so sure that was what he wanted. He simply wanted to see if she was a person worth talking to.

Maybe I do like her. He had never done anything like this for another fan, and he had definitely not felt the same way about any of them. He felt like he owed something to her, though Dan was not entirely sure just what that thing was.

Smiling, she left the room. The band was already packing up, but all Dan could think about was Haylee. He hoped she would text him soon.


The End

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