Chapter Five

(Haylee's POV)

Haylee could barely contain her excitement. She stood straight up, screaming, her hands raised in the air. The glowsticks they had applied to their wrists and necks earlier while in the bathroom stuck out against the dark background of the auditorium.

Bastille is right there. Dan is right there. She saw the faint outline of the four men, only silhouetted slightly with the dim light coming off of the stage. They silently took their places, but before what Haylee figured to be Dan turned toward the crowd, she saw it. The little quiff of hair sticking up from his head.

Before she had time to choke up over it actually being him, they began their song. Red lights flashed as she sang along with the calm beginning. It sounded entirely better than the professionally recorded versions. Throughout the duration of each song, she was either fist pumping, jumping, jumping and fist pumping, or recording and fist pumping. There wasn’t a song where she wasn’t scream-singing. The experience was amazing.

Near the end, during one of their songs, Dan actually came into the crowd. Her screams were louder than ever. They had to turn around to see him, and Haylee was thankful that it was Teri who was recording at this time. He stopped at the middle of the row he was in, directly behind them, and began climbing over the seats.

He was headed straight toward the girls. Toward her. It was unreal. And Haylee bet on her life, that man made eye contact with her. Her. Dan’s smile grew as he sang, causing her heart rate to rise. Maybe it was all in her head, but it was nice to imagine him singing to and for her.

He was finally in her row, standing between Haylee and Teri. His hood was over his head, but it did not cover his smile as he jumped up and down, singing. After what seemed like too short of a time, he began climbing over the seats in front of them. It didn’t look like he could make it, so Haylee did the only thing she could think of.

Her hand reached out to the middle of his back, giving him a boost to get over the seat. This time, she could swear he swiveled his head around to wink at her, but at the same time, she was sure that it was all in her imagination. Why would Dan Smith give her a wink? It's not like she was anyone special, her of all people. As soon as his hand was placed on her shoulder, she felt the electric spark of his touch. Dan Smith's touch. He passed much too soon, climbing on down the rows of seats and screaming fans. But one thing that Haylee realized was that he didn't use anyone else's shoulder. Not one fan. Only her.

"Haylee, was that…?” Teri’s hand was over her own mouth, hiding a smile as she screamed over the loud music.

“Yes.” Haylee mouthed back, her eyes distant, trying to keep the memory as fresh in her mind as possible.

Michael had been facing the stage the entire time, completely unaware of the sparks flying as she helped Dan over the seat.

The rest of the concert was not the same. Nothing else was nearly as exciting as the moment with Dan Smith’s hand on her shoulder, and his wink. Not even when, in the middle of one of their songs, Dan admitted to being “exhausted.” She didn’t blame him.


The concert was over, but definitely not the excitement. Clutching her ticket as tight as she could in her hand, Haylee roamed toward the security guard. He was a buff man, but his voice was nice enough, she decided. He let her through after checking her ticket over.

The band hushed as they saw her approaching, obviously curious about who exactly they were dealing with this time. Of course, she would just be another adoring fangirl who wants his autograph. Still, Haylee could feel her face burning red as she strolled up to the four men.

“Hey!” she tried to sound cheery and happy, but it came out all wrong.

The word nearly caught in her throat. This was it. She was meeting them.

They all smiled simultaneously, causing Haylee to blush even harder. She felt like covering her face, but decided against it for the mere fact that they would laugh at her.

“Hello,” Dan spoke, still smiling.

The rest of the band greeted her as well, but had nothing really to talk about. Haylee decided to speak first.

“That was amazing, your performance.”

“Really?” Dan seemed genuinely surprised at her comment.

Haylee nodded in reply before Dan continued,

“This was our last performance, you know,”

“I know,” Haylee interrupted, “Sorry, continue?”

“and we live here in Ohio… We’re not touring for a while now. I just thought this performance would be terrible because it was our last, and we’re tired from performing so much.”

“I disagree,” Will said, “I thought it was our best.”

The rest of the band nodded.

“It was pretty amazing.” Haylee agreed.

“Oh yeah, thanks for helping me over the chairs earlier,” Dan smiled at her.

“Oh, uh… Anytime.”

Holding out one of the shirts she had bought earlier, she smiled back.

“Sign this for me?”

The red appearing on Dan’s face was definitely surprising. And adorable.

"Uhh, yeah, sure thing."

Kyle decided to make a really loud note of Dan’s red face.

"Dan, quit blushing!"

"Shhhh! Kyle, shut up!" Dan nearly shouted.

Will decided to get in on it, too.

"Ooo, Dan's got a little crush over there, does he now?"

"You better shut your bloody mouth right now."

With an embarrassed smile he then turned back to Haylee.

"Right. What's your name again?"


"Haylee. Fantastic."

All four band members signed on the shirt around the emblem of the band. After it was over, they still had plenty of time left. Haylee had to decide on something memorable. Adjusting her phone in her pocket, the idea struck her. She could take pictures with them!

“Would you guys mind taking turns of getting pictures with me?”

Haylee felt her face grow just a smidge warmer. Hopefully they couldn’t notice. Is this what “normal” fangirls do? Ask for pictures and pretend that Dan Smith winked at them?


The End

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