Chapter Four

They were very close to arriving at their destination, or so Michael told them. There was no GPS or phone involved in getting there, but Michael said that he knew the way. And so far, it seemed that he was right. The city was in sight, and so was the university. Teri had no idea about how cities worked, therefore not having any idea where they would park, either. She grew in what you could call a small neighborhood, at most.

“This looks exactly like where I used to live,” Michael said as they entered the city.

He pulled them up to the university’s curb, and let the two girls jump out to wait there. Teri waved at him through the window as he drove away to find a place to park. The short-haired brunette turned to her best friend and said,

“I’m so excited...Ugh.”

Haylee had her phone out, checking on one of those stupid games that her friend never had time for. Teri spotted a smile forming on her friend’s lips and grinned as well. Glancing around, she spotted several large vehicles, all lined up on the curb across from the girls. The one in front she recognized immediately. It was their favorite band’s tour bus; a gray-ish brown, smooth-looking bus with large, heavily tinted windows.

Teri’s first thought was:

Can we go in? Which, of course, she knew the answer to.

No. What made her so special from anyone else that she could go inside? Nothing. Beside her, Haylee followed her gaze and obviously had the same thought, but did say something that surprised Teri.

“I’m going to get to meet the band after the concert.”

Teri’s breathing nearly stopped at that moment. Her heart sure felt like it stopped beating.

What,” Teri could feel her jaw drop.

Haylee let a huge grin split her face.

“I’ve been waiting forever to tell you. Like, since I bought the ticket.”

That was right. The three friends had bought the tickets separately from each other. First, Haylee had planned to go by herself, but what fun would that have been if her best friend wasn’t beside her, screaming the songs with her? So, she urged Teri to buy a ticket. Then, that day in the park the two girls had invited Teri’s boyfriend along. Haylee must have gotten a VIP pass to go backstage.

“I wonder how much that costed.”

This made Haylee click off her phone and smile even wider.

“Double the cost of yours, most likely. I mean, we’re sitting together, but this ticket also pays for me getting backstage.”

Haylee flipped her hair over her shoulder in a jokingly dramatic manner. The action Haylee used to mock most of the girls at her school (who were so full of themselves they could burst) made Teri snort and roll her eyes.

“You are so lucky. Like, you have no idea. I would kill to have one of those tickets.”

To add emphasis to her whole ‘killing’ statement, she stared at Haylee’s pocket where the ticket was located, her face twisted into a savage expression. Jokingly, of course, for she raised her gaze once more to her friend, waving her hand and laughing.

“So. Where are we going now? Or do we wait here for Michael?”

Something told her Michael wouldn’t have just left if he hadn’t thought that they would stay there. How else would he know where they were?

“Well duh,” Haylee said, repeating Teri’s thoughts, “how could he know where we were?”

“True,” she replied, taking a seat on the steps leading into the university. There were a couple other people standing under the concrete awning, but so far nobody else had showed up for the concert.

“What time is it?” Teri asked.

Once again Haylee pulled out her phone.

“5:50. We only have, like, thirty minutes before I want to be in line. I say we just stay here.”

Haylee clicked back into the game, checking up on it.

“No way. We’re in the city. We should do something fun.”

This made Haylee snort.

“Maybe we should just let Michael decide when he gets back.”

Michael grew up in the city. He’d probably want the same thing as Teri: to explore a bit. Then again, what if he thought Haylee was right? Thirty minutes wasn’t much time to spend looking around a city, and if they were pretty much the first people in line, wasn’t that better? She shrugged.

Whatever. Teri thought as she saw Michael walking at a brisk pace toward them. He must have found a place to park. But where, in this huge city, was there to park? It didn’t have normal parking lots, located in front of the buildings, and all of the parking lots that she could see were restricted for university folks.

“Hi guys,” Michael puffed as he caught up to them, “I finally found somewhere.”

He pointed to where he came from before adding, “It’s not far.”

“Okay,” Haylee started, “We have about twenty-two minutes to kill, now. Should we stay here or explore?”

Raising an eyebrow toward Teri, Michael seemed very conflicted, and was unsure which was the ‘right’ choice. He sat down on the other side of Teri and leaned his forearms on their corresponding legs, thinking.

“Well, twenty-two minutes doesn’t sound like long enough to see anything.”

There was disappointment in his voice. Teri felt a little disappointed herself.

“And we have to leave right after the concert…” she frowned.

“Not necessarily,” he smirked at her, his head tilted, “The nightlife of a city is even better than daytime or evening. More beautiful and interesting, that is.”

“And dangerous,” Haylee added.

“Bear in mind I grew up in a city. Am I still alive and well?”

His rhetorical question made Haylee’s face visibly twitch, as if it irked her. It was so unlike Haylee, being irked by a hot guy. An extremely long awkward moment of silence hung between the three before Teri decided that the friends shouldn’t be angry just before seeing a concert.

“Is this your first time?” she asked Michael.

On the other side of her, she heard a really loud laugh escape Haylee.

“Oh, shut up. You know I didn’t mean it like that.”

Turning back to her chuckling boyfriend, she corrected herself, “Is this your first concert?”

“Yeah. I like the two bands playing.”

“You like everything,” Haylee chimed in, trying to suppress another burst of laughter.

“I do not. For example, I like Imagine Dragons. I don’t like Taylor Swift. Well, besides Trouble… Now I’m lying on the cold hard ground… OH!

The only thing that stopped him from continuing the song was the fact that during the oh, his voice cracked. Teri nearly toppled down the steps, she was laughing so hard. Haylee had her head leaned back, cackling along with Teri. Meanwhile, Michael was just sitting, staring at the two girls, a smile set upon his face.

“Ohh…” Teri started after finally calming down, “That’s great.”

“Yeah.” Haylee said, pulling out her phone and checked the time, saying, “It’s twenty after. We should get in line.”

The trio stood up and headed toward the doors. The others from earlier were already in line, but only about five people were lined up.

It wasn’t a very long wait before the three of them were allowed to enter the building, using the tickets that were purchased beforehand to get inside. Agreeing to use the bathrooms first, Michael broke off from the girls and headed toward the men’s.

Apparently a university’s bathrooms are much better than any other public bathrooms, with all of their fanciness and cleanliness. The two finished quickly and headed out, where they met a waiting Michael. Rounding the corner, they came across the shirt booth, food booth, drink booth, and much more. The only thing Teri really came for was the shirts, so that’s where they headed.

The line was long. There had to have been about thirty people in line, and the shirts didn’t look like they were an endless supply.

Will we even get one? Fretted Teri. It took less time for the line to move up than she expected. Nearing the booth, they could finally get a good look at the shirts.

“I want the uh… Wait, should we match? All three of us?”

Teri squinted at the shirt she wanted. It was black with the band logo printed in white on the front, the name of the band below that.

“I want that one,” she said, pointing.

“Same,” Michael agreed, and Haylee seemed satisfied with it as well.

They soon bought it and went back to the bathrooms to change, about twenty minutes left until the concert started.

Teri had to admit, after putting the shirt on, she felt ecstatic. Practically running out the bathroom, she jumped into Michael’s arms.

“Thank you so much for coming. I can’t imagine being anywhere else than right here right now. This is great.” Her throat closed with being so excited, and her face twisted up. “I just can’t believe it.”

He chuckled and hugged her closely.

“You’re very welcome.”

And with that, they all headed for their seats. They were about in the very center - a good place to be.

It took a while for the lights to finally dim and for the opening band to appear on stage. At first, Haylee thought that they were the band they came to see, and was searching for Dan. Just another one of her blonde moments. The opening band’s songs were quite good; Teri liked them. Of course, she had heard one of the songs before and knew the band.   When the time came for the band they loved to walk onto the stage, Teri couldn’t help but screaming.



The End

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