Chapter Three

The concert is today. The thought woke Teri up right away at ten A.M the following Wednesday after their experience at the park.

Lying in bed, her next thoughts were of Michael. She wondered what it’d be like to wake up next to him, having cuddled into sleep (or something like that) the night before. Before she knew it, she was daydreaming that she was lying in bed with Michael, watching him sleep.

She nudged him and said, “Wake up, sleepyhead,” and when he opened his eyes, gave him a few morning-kisses.

It was nice, until Teri realized that she had to get up and get ready for the concert.

First, she texted Michael,

Are you excited for toniiight?

He replied not long after.

Heck yes.

She rolled out of bed and they texted back and forth from that moment on. After breakfast, getting dressed, and preparing for the day, she texted Haylee,

What’s up? Tonight will be amazing.

I’m grocery shopping. And yes tonight is going to be awesome.

Before she knew it, she was out of the house and heading to Michael’s to spend some time with him today. He didn’t live too far away; just about twenty miles away from her. It wasn’t much when your love was the force driving you. Soon, she’d have to drive there every day. It was where she was going to live.

His house was on a large hill, newly built last summer. It was four stories: a basement, first floor, second floor, and attic. A balcony jutted out of the second floor, a great place to spend the day reading, in Teri’s mind. The sun set directly behind it, and whatever colors the sun decided to cast upon the house was what color the house shone. Golden seemed the most beautiful, and that’s usually the color of the sunset, so it was a prime house to take a beautiful photo of.

Teri couldn’t wait. It was the first time Teri and Michael would be hanging out alone at either of their houses, especially surprising for the fact that they had been dating for a few months now. The mere thought of it sent her heart racing. She knew that Michael was definitely not a pervert, but simply kissing him made her feel all jittery and excited. It was definitely a new experience for her. Having never had an actual relationship in her entire life, Teri was quite new to all of this. It upset her that Michael couldn’t say the same, though it was always good to have someone in the relationship more experienced.

That didn’t matter much now, for her train of thought sped directly toward questioning what she’d do with Michael. What did couples even do while they were alone? It was a question she laughed lowly at, though she knew that the true answer probably wasn’t the one she originally came up with.

Maybe someday…

Her train of thought crashed abruptly.

Too early to even think about that.

Before she realized it, Teri was going nearly sixty miles per hour on a road with a speed limit of forty. She screeched on the brakes a bit, glad that she hadn’t seen a car pass her in about fifteen minutes. Nobody usually took the road that led to Michael’s house. Really, it was more of a private road than anything, being a long, winding, forested road with few people living on it. Furthermore, it came to a stop at a dead end, leaving it as a road for only driving along to get to one of the houses, not to cut through to another place.

I could have crashed into the trees. The thought dawned on Teri, making her heart sink a bit.

She’d never gotten into a car crash before, and she didn’t plan on it. Teri’s driving was nearly as low as thirty at this time. She was being extra careful around the bends, slowing down even more every time she rounded one. Finally, the trees started to fade away into a rolling plain. In the distance, she spotted Michael’s house, sitting atop the largest hill that Teri could see. It looked inviting.

A few minutes later, she pulled into Michael’s gravel driveway. He stepped out onto the balcony located on the second floor’s front side. He smiled and waved before returning inside his house. She exited her car, feeling a wide grin spread across her face.


“You’ll never get me, coppers!” Teri shouted at the screen as her and Michael’s characters in the game sped away on a motorcycle, the police hot on their heels. Before they could make it any further in the chase, Michael’s terrible in- game driving skills flared up and they hit another car, sending both of them flying. Teri laughed at this and let out a happy sigh before shutting the Xbox off.

“I’m done. Thank you, I had fun. We’ll have even more fun than that tonight,” she smiled innocently at him before blushing deeply, the sudden realization of her words’ meanings entering her mind. Practically slamming her hands into her face to hide it, Teri laughed even harder than before. It caused even him to chuckle.

He probably wouldn’t have even noticed if I wouldn’t have reacted myself. This thought caused her face to feel slightly hotter.

She felt his hands reach for her wrists, tugging her hands lightly away from her face.

No. She thought, but didn’t say anything and just let it happen.

As Michael’s gaze met hers, Teri gave him a sheepish grin.

“Oops… Heh.”

His gaze was extremely intimidating, and she found that the only thing that would come out was stammering.  It suddenly became very apparent what sort of situation they were in right here. They were alone in Michael’s house, more than ten minutes from town, sitting on his bed after playing a video game. The thought made her smile a bit more sincere.

Before Teri could shake off the flustered feeling, Michael held one of his hands to her cheek, stroking it. His other hand moved to hold one of hers. He was going to kiss her. His eyes faded shut before her own did the same, and she felt his lips on hers and his thumb rubbing gently across her cheek.

A fear gnawed at her brain. Would he want to do more, right this minute, in his room? Did Teri herself even want to? He answered both of her questions by pulling away and opening his eyes. They sat there, very close together, staring into each other’s eyes for a while. Finally, he spoke,

“Would you like to go outside?” then, he muttered to himself, “I dunno what we’d do..” before returning back to speaking to her, “Maybe head into town to get something to eat? I’m sure there’s a lot of things better in town than in my house.”

Teri glanced away from him to the clock hanging above his TV. It read 2:00. The truth was, she’d rather stay here with Michael than be out in public with her lover. She just wanted some personal time with him.

“Eh..” she started softly, “I’d much rather stay right here.”

And so they did, for about another hour or so, cuddling and telling each other stories about their life.


They had to leave now to pick Haylee up. The three had agreed to take Michael’s car, but split the gas bill. Each had paid separately for their own ticket. Teri grabbed snacks and glowsticks before heading out the door to his car. Depositing her load in the back seat, she slipped into shotgun, waiting for Michael to get in as well.

The ride was rather boring, for Michael was a much better driver than Teri would ever be. Well, it was boring besides the fact that he was holding her hand the whole way. It was without a doubt that Haylee would be riding in the back.

After a twenty minute drive, they pulled up to Haylee’s house. Teri and Haylee had lived in the same neighborhood since elementary school, always able to hang out with each other. It was how they became such good friends. While Haylee’s house was not nearly as enormous and nice as Michael’s it was still just a bit nicer than Teri’s.

“Hey!” Haylee’s cheery voice made Teri smile as her friend hopped into the car. Even if Haylee was the biggest third wheel there ever was, she was the best as well. It was always a very enjoyable time when Haylee was around.

Michael turned around in his seat to check on Haylee, and Teri did the same.

“You ready to go?” he smiled at the girl in the back seat before glancing Teri’s way.

“Yes!” “You betcha,” the two responded.

A light smirk on his face, Michael backed out of the driveway. In a matter of hours, Teri and Haylee would be screaming for their favorite band in the world. They’d see them in the flesh.



The End

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