Chapter One

Twenty-five-year-old Teri and her best friend, Haylee, have been friends since middle school. Their lives are going as planned, until they meet two guys and drama arises within their group of friends. Could these two guys be the love of their lives, or end up ruining their lives forever?

“DUDE!” Sophie shouted, “That guy has the nicest face in the history of faces.”

The rest of the girls giggled in agreeance, huddled over the phone in Sophie’s hands. There was a guy with straightened, flipped-to-the-side, brown hair and light brown eyes. He reminded Teri of her boyfriend, though nobody could be as hot as him. She had yet to tell her best friend, Haylee, about him. They had dated once before, and Haylee had known, but for all she knew they were still broken up.

An exaggerated scream of laughter from Brittany snapped her back into the present. Looking down at the screen, she smiled widely. It was a picture of Dan Smith, the lead singer of their favorite band. Each girl had major fangirling issues when it came to Dan, for once they started about how “sexy” he looked, they wouldn’t stop for hours. Once, she had left the room to leave them to it and to watch a movie. She came back after it was over and they were still going at it. It didn’t bother her much; the man they’d never get the chance to meet gave them at least one to obsess over together. Teri? She didn’t like the band so much for the lead singer as she did the music he and the band made.

“He is so hot. I’d love to get me some of that.” Sophie said as she smirked down at her screen, which was then followed by the blonde pulling it to her face to give the picture of Dan Smith a kiss.

The rest of the girls let out an ooo and smiled as well. Out of all of them, Sophie probably fangirled in the most passionate fashion. They all knew that Haylee was his biggest fan; she loved him for his personality and the type of person he was, whereas Sophie just liked him for how he looked.

They finished their fangirling quite early this time and headed home about thirty minutes after first viewing the picture of Dan. Teri glanced down at her watch. It read 7:54. Perfect. She’d have a little time alone to talk to Haylee one-on-one. That’s how she usually liked it; being alone with someone made for a more controlled environment.

“Hayleeeee, wait up,” she called after her best friend, “I want to talk for a bit longer.” Haylee turned around from following Brittany out of the door, facing Teri from about six feet away.

“Yeah?” she questioned, raising her eyebrows at her best friend.

Teri sped up her walking speed to catch up a bit more.

“Come back into the living room. I gotta tell you something,” she smiled to show that it was nothing too serious.

As she turned and walked away, the only thing to tell Teri that Haylee was following was the light steps of sandals on her hardwood floor behind her. They entered the living room and sat down on the couch together.

“..So,” Teri said with a grin after a moment of silence, “you ready for the concert?”

It was next Wednesday and she was very excited. Their all-time favorite band, and live!

“Absolutely,” was Haylee’s only response.

Something seemed to be distracting her from the present.

“Something on your mind?” Teri asked. Haylee nodded in response, accompanied by a sly smile.

"Remember that guy you used to date from, like, Gattesonsburg or something? Is he still sexy?" a snicker escaped her as she finished her last question. Teri froze, shocked for a moment.

We got back together a few months ago. Her thought threatened to escape at that exact moment.

“Uh… Well…” she scrambled to find words to explain the thought that just ran through her head. “You see… Well… Basically, we got back together. About five months ago.”

The last phrase was said with a rather quick and matter-of-fact tone; she was trying to hide her panicking. Of course, it wasn’t that bad. If anything, Haylee would probably be more embarrassed than her. Teri could already make out the redness flooding her friend’s cheeks. This was just terrible.

Before anyone else spoke, the two burst out into laughter. They laughed, and laughed, and laughed until neither could breathe. Both collapsed upon each other in a fit of laughter before finally sinking off of the couch and to the carpeted floor. When at last the oxygen flow continued into both girls, Teri let out a long, happy sigh.

“Yeah, he’s pretty hot. You think he’s sexy?” Teri closed her eyes and pictured her boyfriend’s face. His brownish-orange hair straightened and flipped to the side, brown eyes, perfectly formed jawline. His cute nose and amazing smile.

“Yep. Pretty sexy.”

They both giggled for a moment. Teri decided at that moment to tell Haylee her plans for moving in with him.

“Y’know..I’m going to be moving in with him pretty soon. I just wanted to let you know that I’m even dating someone before you get too confused,” she paused before pretending to mock her friend, as if in anguish, “‘WHY IS TERI MOVING AWAY?!’”

Her friend laughed, but it died away within a few seconds. She seemed upset that her best friend would soon not live close to her. Continuing, Teri said,

“He lives somewhere in Gattesonsburg, yeah.”

The sad look on Haylee’s face was replaced by the one that made Teri always feel comfortable around her. A few long moments passed before Teri felt that it was her who needed to speak.

“So..” Teri began, “Now that we’ve both told each other what we’ve been meaning to, what’s up? Are you leaving now?”

“Nah. Can I spend the night?”

That didn’t take long to ask. Perhaps Haylee thought she needed to spend one last night with Teri in her house.

“You’re more than welcome to.”


“Wake up already!”

A shout pierced through Teri’s rather sweet dream.

Teri squirmed in her bed and let out a groan of irritation. Rolling over and clasping her pillow to her upturned ear, she huffed out a breath before relaxing into her bed once more.

The night before, they had stayed up past midnight talking to and about Teri’s boyfriend. She showed her a picture of him and told her his name. Michael Thomas Sanders.

Now, Teri was having a difficult time waking up from her dream. It had been of Teri in a car with Michael. He was the one driving. They were holding hands, and Michael was making some serious jumps with the car while going over steep hills. It scared Teri a lot, and Michael must have noticed, for he looked over at her and said “..I’d never hurt you.” At that moment, Teri had felt complete relief and Michael relaxed into a gentle driving.


“You woke me up right when we were about to kiss,” Teri whined as they both stuck a spoonful of cereal in their mouth at the same time. It was already noon and they were eating breakfast, a common ritual when Teri used to spend the night at Haylee’s in high school. Finishing her chewing, Haylee scoffed and said,

Poor you. You should just kiss him in person if you care that much,” Teri snorted in reply,

“Maybe I will.”

This put a smile on Haylee’s face.

“I’d like to see that. No, scratch that, I’d love it.”

“I’m sure you would.”

Those were the last words said before both girls shoveled down the rest of their breakfast so they could get ready for the day. It was past one before they even got out of the house to hang out with Brittany and Ace at the park. Teri had texted Sophie earlier, and it turned out that she was busy. Neither Ace nor Brittany could turn them down.

Truth be told, Teri and Ace kind of had a history together. They’d dated for about a month before agreeing that it wasn’t working. It didn’t hurt Teri much, for she never really felt anything besides friendship for him in the first place. And perhaps the fact that she was the one that dumped him. It didn’t matter though, they were perfectly fine as friends now and held nothing against each other.





The End

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