Reflect onto my face

this is a little piece i came up with when looking in the mirror and wiping away my lovely mask, my make up, god bless it !!!!! x

 i didnt know i was waiting for something until this very moment, when i looked at the girl in the mirror and saw ..... well.... i saw someone who is missing something.

ive felt like this before, usually when i do i move the furniture round in my room to stop myself from drowning. its like by changing the lay out of the space where i live, i in fact change myself. its actually very calming, but this time its not gonna cut it!

im sick of pretending, hiding everything!

so here it is. if something is missing and if i want that to change i better make it, because if there is one thing i have came to discover its that if you really want something to change you pick yourself up and make that difference NOW !!!  

im not gonna feel sorry for myself, i'm not that type. sympathy belongs to people who deserve it and i sure as hell don't ! so im going to pick myself up and say NO MORE !!!!

love BD xxxx

The End

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