Elisa Rider: a victim of bully and abuse. After an incident in which she should have died in, she has written a revenge plot in her diary and to destroy her assailants. But things go wrong when her stepsiblings meet a strange young man, and one of those bullies she targets has found her journal and learns of her plans.

My life is not that of a what's considered a normal person's life.

For a normal person, their life would be happy, without lies, without pretense. At least, that's what I think a normal person's life should be. A person with happy memories, with a good, well-cared life. I really envy those who have that kind of life.

And smart, too, right? All you perfect people who have excellent grades and always wear a smile.

I cringed as Mr. Franklin came to my desk and tossed my test papers in front of me.

Ms. Rider, I hope you can satisfy me with more excellent grades next term,” he grunted sternly, disapprovingly. “I'd like you to remember that low grades are not what we need for this school, is that understood?”

Go to hell. I can't even remember what I learned yesterday.

Was what I thought, but I replied, “Yes, sir. I apologize.”

He moved on to praise the person sitting right behind me.

I dare not turn but I looked at my test papers. The test score: D+. Not bad, but still bad. Well, what would my mom say when I get home?

They would definitely be really disappointed. I mean, at the start of this school term, all my test scores had been straight As. Suddenly, my learning curve dropped, and I'd never realized that I'd gotten a score this low.

I might even get grounded by Mom.

Which, come to think of it, is actually a better option than coming here everyday.

The school bell rang, signalling the end of school.

Moving fast, I shoved my things into my pack and hurried out.

I was rushing towards the gate when the nightmare I have everyday begins.

A hand grasped my arm as I started, and I gasped as I was forced to whirl and face my attackers.

Hello, Rider, time for you to hand your money to us,” said Linda Stewart, smiling wide at me. More like - evilly.

I gasped as they pulled me along after them, towards a dead end corner.

Once out of sight, Linda swung her hand and slapped my face hard that I saw stars before I hit the ground.

"I still don't understand why your last name is 'Rider'," said Phoebe. "I mean - Rider? A cool name for a girl like you? That doesn't match! It's more funny!"

Okay, hand over the money you've got on you now,” said Chloe. “Well, you know what to do, don't you, Keller?”

Slowly, I pulled out my wallet and searched it, then pulled out the twenty-dollar bill I should be using to buy my lunch, because Mom won't be home today. But this happens everyday, it's become normal, no matter how many surprises I had gone through.

Today, though, it seemed that two gangs have grouped up to meet me. Linda and her two friends, Chloe Wright and Phoebe Maynard, the Threesome Bats, as I call them.

Their accomplices then arrived later: whom I call the Black Gang, consisting of Johannes Kagan as the leader, with Nigel Treadway, Darius Ryan, and Spencer Carmody.

I dropped the money and wallet, upon seeing the two enemies regrouping.

My, you sure you're going to hand her to us?” asked Johannes, smirking at Linda.

Don't you want her?” asked Linda. “Elisa Rider is weak.” She stepped over to me and kicked me over to the ground, and picked up my wallet and my money. “Twenty bucks today? Why not fifty, like that one time you were carrying one?”

I cringed.

Then Johannes nodded to his group. “Go ahead, feel free,” he said.

Oh, awesome,” said Nigel, approaching me.

I gasped, seeing the lustful look in his eyes.

You know the consequences of refusing, don't you?” said Spencer. “So don't budge.”

The boys started to drag me towards the far end of the dead end, blocked by a wall, while the Bats stood gloating from afar.

After that, I had to endure hell before I was allowed to be left alone.

When they were all gone an hour later, I was left alone where I was, among trash.

So ends what my normal day is.

The End

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