Sila: EscapeMature

“Oh bugger.” Sila cursed as she plowed through the crowd. She began pushing her way back through the crowd. She couldn’t just leave Candy there! She pushed through the crowd, fighting against the vermin as the came until she finally found the wounded hare on the floor. Sila grabbed the heavy hare and dragged her back into the dungeon where it was safer.

The large solemn hare looked at her with thankful eyes. They glanced over at the group which was still inching along with wall. Farathor looked deathly pale and Jac was in a dangerous situation. Sila was worried, but orders were orders and she couldn’t just leave Candy here alone either.

“Go.” The silent hare suddenly said. Sila looked at her in surprise. Candy and Jac were famous for not speaking. Sila knew that she really had to leave now. “They need you.”

Sila stared at her hard and long before she nodded at her and dashed back towards Jac.

“I’m comin’!” She shouted, brandishing a rapier she stole from a vermin. Vermin fell left and right as she slashed through the swarm, finally reaching an expectant Jac.

“She fine.” Sila panted. “Let’s go.” She grabbed hold of Farathor and slipped out from the vent along sides Jac, leaving the commotion behind them. There was a fair breeze outside and Sila took a deep breath as she sighed. It felt so good to taste fresh air for once, but they couldn’t stay here for long. Running down the beach, they got as far as they could from the mountain.

For now, they were safe.

The End

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