Ravic: AmbushMature

Ravic hit the ground on his belly and motioned for Rivet to get down. Up ahead was a vermin encampment along the other side of the river. He spied a bobcat he assumed to be in charge directing the others, a hideous scowl on his face. Ravic quickly scanned the camp and estimated about a score of them. He turned and hissed to Rivet. 

"Stay close on me tail, mate," and with that he crawled to the waters edge. Here came the hard part.

"We're going to have to cross this river, can you swim?" Rivet nodded and whispered back to him.

"I learned back in my old home next, in the oasis." Ravic had no clue what an oasis was but details weren't important. He pushed off into the freezing water swimming diagonally against the current. He sensed Rivet behind him keeping up. They reached the other side, water cascading off their bodies. The encampment was about 100 paces away, but they had the cover of fog. Ravic could see the yellow glow of their fires through the mist. He led Rivet   off to the side in a small copse of trees. and crouched down behind some bushes. He leaned over to Rivet and told him his plans.

"Me and you'll will wait ere' until dark, an den infiltrate their camp." Rivet nodded in consent, and crouched next to him. He was awkwardly positioned because of his large size compared to himself. The vermin continued to eat and carouse until their fires burned low, and they were passed out drunk. The leader had retreated to his tent a while before, gazing distastefully at the others, all the while walking in his haughty and righteous stance. Ravic motioned to Rivet and they ran, crouched low to the edge of the camp under cover of the tents. They sneaked around the edge until they arrived at the bobcats quarters. Rivet put a paw to his lips, and slowly drew back the flap of the tent. They bobcat was asleep, snoring with a bottle of ale beside him. Ravic padded up to him and drew his rapier.
          The cat awoke to the point of his rapier on his throat. His eyes bulged in surprise and fear, and he froze as he noticed the sword on pressed against his neck.

"Speak a word and your dead, cat." The cat's paw went to his side where a dagger was sheathed at his hip. Rivet lashed out with the butt of his scythe, smacking the vermin's hand back. He winced in pain, and drew back his paw.

"Now we can do this ere the easy way or the hard way cat, and I advise you answer our questions fer yur own good. First, why did that slinking coward Doomfur send you?" The vermin responded by spitting on his foot. His drew it back in disgust and pressed his rapier down, piercing the cat's skin. Blood trickled down the cats throat, and he swallowed nervously.

"I'm gonna ask you again, why are your here?" The cat didn't respond for a moment and he gave another push with his rapier.

"Please stop, I'll tell you," he begged. "I was sent here to search the area and to discover any remaining rouge resistance force, sympathetic to the mouse-folks cause." Ravic considered this for a moment, then spoke.

"Show me the order," he said nodding in the cat's direction.

"Th-there was no o-order-"

"I SAID SHOW ME THE ORDER, FILTH," Ravic yelled, drawing his sword back to strike the vermin. The cat drew his hand up to protect himself, whimpering like a child. He felt Rivets hand on his shoulder,

"Calm down, mate. We don't want to alert his pals." Ravic forced down his bubbling rage, and pointed the sword once again at the cat.

"Are you going to cooperate, or are you going to die?" he asked once again. The cat reached into his nightshirt with a shaking paw, and drew out a letter. Ravic snatched it out of his hands, and unfolded it. It said; I, Captain Doomfur, king of Redwall, Lord of Salamandastron, and ruler over all Mossflower hereby give orders to locate and destroy any remaining resistance of traitors still opposing our rule. At the bottom of the letter was a paw print stamp, and a Doomfur's signature. Ravic handed the letter to Rivet and watched as he scanned the letter and then looked up, a worried look on his face. He turned back to the whimpering cat. He snorted in contempt, and revulsion.

"Thank you for your assistance," and with that he slit the cat's throat. He was already turned and out of the tent before his body hit the ground. Rivet came up beside him and whispered into his ear.

"We need to get word of this back to the rest of the Guosim immediately." Rvic nodded his agreement, the same though was on his mind.

"Well, lets get on the move then, mate. We aren't helping standing around the like o this place," and with that they started off.

The End

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