Rivet: Feeling BetterMature

Morning was a bit painful, drinking with Ravic was fun, but the cost of it was this slight throb in his head right now. The ale they had been drinking was really good too. It wasn't thte same as the cactus ale he was used to.

Rivet rolled out of bed onto his feet. His bandages felt a little loose so he stripped them off, looking at his chest scales seeing that he was healed up. He rolled his left shoulder checking to see that it was healed up as well.

Ravic walked into the room. "Rise and shine mate!" Ravic exclaimed at seeing Rivet standing up. "Woa woa woa!" He ran over and started looking at all of Rivets wounds. "Wow mate you already healed up! Thats amazing!"

Rivet had a confused look on his face. "Oh course I'm already healed up. I have had plenty of time to completely recover."

Ravic folded his arms. "You lizard folk sure are peculiar. I spose next you'll be telling me you could grow yer tale back."

Rivet stood there a bit confused.But I can grow my tale back? Can't he? He shook the thoughts away and changed the subject.

"so what are we going to do today. I am healed up so i was hoping you would show me around the village."

Ravic scratched his head. "well actually I gots to go on patrol taday mate...oh I know i can take you on patrol wif me. Follow me!"

Ravic grabbed Rivets arm and bolted out of the tent. He draged him passed some other tents and to a much larger one. The inside of the tent was large and spacious.

Ravic spoke to the older looking shrew who had spoken with him before. "Oi Log-a-Log I was hopin you would let me take Rivet here on patrol wif me."

Log-a-Log looked at Rivet. "I spose. He looks well enough, but don't be going and getting yer selves inta anything."

Ravic jumped with joy, and then grabed Rivbets arm and started to drag him to another direction.. They stopped at a small shack.

Ravic released Rivet. "Here we are. Tis were we gots yer scythe." Ravic went into the building and came out with the large steel weapon. "Yesh mate tis thangs got to weigh as much as I do!"

Rivet took the shythe from him with one hand and twirled it around in the air.

Ravic smiled."Good ta see ya in top form mate. Personally though I prefer a sword to that monsterous thing."

River stopped twirling the scythe. He fingered the loop in the middle of the long handle. "You don't happen to have a back strap do you"

Ravic smiled and went back into the shack coming out with a thick leather shoulder belt." Here ya go mate."

Rivet slung the strap over his shoulder and attached it to his belt.

Rivet smiled. "It's a good fit. Thanks man."

Ravic gave him a pat on the back. "Lets get goin then mate."

Rivet twirled his scythe around and hooked the loop onto the back strap. He followed Ravic out of he village and down a beaten path. The forest around this area was really dense. They continued to walk until it got to the point to were the trail started to disappear. Ravic jumped onto a downed tree and scurried up along it. Rivet followed closely. He jumped down onto some large rockes and down into some brush.

He spoke softly. "This hard path we are takin covers up da path to da village. It's so da vermin can't find us."

He scurried through the brush. Rivet followed him closely. They broke out into a small clearing in the forest.

Ravic stood up brushing leaves from his fur. "Aright mate. From here our patrol begins. We are going to watch the traffic along the roads come back along the river and end here again."

They started their patrol. Everything went smoothly and nothing was out of the ordinary as they patrolled the road. They started inward toward the river when Ravic signaled him to get down.

Rivet crawled up next to him. "Whats wrong Ravic?"

Ravic silently pointed ahead of him. It was a large encampment of vermin. Their had to be twenty or thirty of them. One of them who was a large bobcat was scolding some rats and and a ferret. He seemed like the leader. Rivet couldn't make out what they were saying.

He whispered to Ravic. "What do we do?"

The End

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