Mathieu: Call of the WarriorMature

"Martin the Warrior? Warrior of what?"

The mouse smiled, as if recalling fond memories,

"The Warrior of Redwall Abbey, a place that now needs your help."

Mathieu wasn't sure whether to be scared or excited at the words of the noble creature in front of him. He had only know Martin for a few minutes at the most yet somehow he knew that he wouldn't lie to him. If the mouse said his help was needed, then he believed him, but...

"How am I supposed help? And where is Redwall? Why does it need help?"

Martin gave an apologetic smile, "I'm afraid there isn't enough time for me to answer all your questions, and for that I am sorry, but I will tell you what I can. Redwall lies far to the south, just on the edge of Mossflower wood. You must make your way there and speak to the abbess, tell her you spoke with me, and she will direct you to the sword."

"The sword?"

"Yes, my sword. A sword fit for the Warrior of Redwall Abbey, now kneel."


"Mathieu there isn't any time, now please, kneel."

Mathieu complied, and as he did so, Martin slid the sword free of its harness and stepped towards Mathieu.

"Mathieu, I charge you with the duty of a Warrior of Redwall. Defend the weak, uphold all that is good, and stand against darkness, that is your charge. Never abuse your power, and do not take advantage of the kindness of the good folk of Mossflower."

Mathieu felt the cold of Martin's sword upon his right shoulder, then his left.

"Rise Mathieu and accept my sword, to be used as a tool, not a toy, and to aid you in the duties that you have been given."

As Mathieu stood, Martin held his sword flat out in front of him. With trembling paws, Mathie gripped the blade and raised it high over his head.

"It is time for me to go Mathieu. Carry out your task will all haste, it may be a while, but we will meet again."

And the dream began to fade.

As sleep left him, Mathieu was aware of something in his hands, with a start he threw off his blanket, not even daring to believe that he somehow had possession of Martin's Sword.

He didn't.

Mathieu chuckled as he discovered it was his own practice sword that he held. 

"Mathieu! Are you ready? I'm so excited!"

Iris had appeared out of nowhere, hopping excitedly next to Mathieu's bed. She stopped when she noticed what he was holding, and gave him questioning look.

"What's wrong Mathieu? Why're you holding that?"

"Huh? Oh... nothing is wrong I... I must have grabbed it in my sleep."

"Are you sure? You look like you've seen a ghost..."

Mathieu nodded, "I... I think I have..."

Iris's expression went from concerned to shocked to skeptical.

"You're not pulling my leg are you?"

"No... I... I had another dream, and this time... something was different."

Eyes wide, Iris pulled up a chair and leaned in close. 

"Tell me!"

"Well... I saw a mouse and... he told me about an abbey, Redwall I think, and that it needed my help and..." Mathieu shook his head, "It sounds crazy now that I think about it... I don't even know if it's tr-"

The door to the room burst open and Randall, a young squirrel and one of Mathieu's friends, ran in.

"Did you hear the news?!"

Mathieu looked at Iris who shrugged and shook her head.

"Redwall Abbey has been captured!"

The End

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