Sila: Attempted EscapeMature

When Sila awoke again, all she could hear was commotion. There was red sticky stuff all over her and when she looked down, she almost screamed out in fright. She was covered in blood. But it wasn’t her blood. Sila was lying in a pool of vermin blood, the corpses of dead rats piling up around her. Why hadn’t anyone woken her up? Sila scrambled off the ground and clambered over the bodies, tumbling headfirst into the fight.

The door was open.

Sila’s eyes lit up. But then she remembered, this was only for the few to get out. She was not part of the few. So she stood there for a moment watching stupidly as her comrades went around boxing vermin and stabbing them with their own rapiers.

“Sila, don’t just stand there!” Sila was knocked out of her reverie. “Go help them get out!”

Sila looked up and saw the tall head of Farathor along with the scarred ears of the two siblings surrounded by rats, pushing through the crowd. They were surrounded and if was getting harder and harder to move forward.

“You idiot!” Sila shouted, scrambling forward, grabbing a rapier that protruded from the body of a dead rat. “Don’t you know you’re suppose to follow the wall!” She began plowing through the crowd mindlessly, vermin falling before her feet as if she had been cutting grass. She could see the bewildered face of Farathor and the grim expression of the siblings. Farathor would never be a good leader and Sila felt angry.

“Sila!” Farathor breathed. “Help us!” The tall awkward hare was never good at anything, he wasn’t quite good at fighting or archery, he wasn’t very smart or very fast. He was simply there. The poor little klutz. Who knew what Fernhart was thinking when he told Farathor to go?

“Get to the wall.” She muttered, pushing past him to help the siblings. With Farathor unable to do anything, they were trying to protect him the whole time. But in a situation where self protection was hard enough, how could they protect Farathor without getting hurt themselves?

“If one of you guys could cut back and make sure no one gets left behind...” Sila nodded at the siblings, Candy gave a short nodded, glancing at her brother first before retreating behind Farathor.

“Alright, now get to the wall. There’s a vent there. We’ll just climb down from there and exit from the kitchen.”

Jac nodded and motioned for Sila to led the way. Sila shook her head.

“I wasn’t chosen to come.”

Jac frowned slightly, glancing disapprovingly at Farathor. Sila knew what he meant, but she shook her head.

“Orders are orders. Good luck.” Sila pat the hare lightly on his back and began fighting back through the crowd.

Sila gave the group one last glance, when she suddenly noticed that something wasn’t right. She glanced back again and panic rose into her. They were missing a hare.

Candy was down.

The End

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