A New FriendMature

Ravic finished his duties and made his way back over to the medical tent to check on the lizard. He was sitting on his bed playing with the bandages that were crisscrossed over his chest. 

"Better leave those on, they'll help you heal better." He jumped at the sudden speech, and embarrassed put his bandages back on.

"Sorry" he said looking at him shyly.

"Dont be, you hungry? You better be cause cooks are makin' their famois' hotroot soup. If you think that desert o yours you come from is hot just wait for this." Rivet looked at him with a comical look of anticipation and fear that made him chuckle. "Ere, ill be right back." He walked out of the tent to the cooking quarters and spied a full pot with a ladle in it. With a glance around he took the ladle, filled, and started to sip out of it.

"RAVIC YOU SNEAK!" He jumped and spilled the rest of the soup right onto his fur, and howled in pain jumping around.

"Ugh, what was that fer?!" he said. The best cook of the Guosim Maris  walked up to him and snatched the ladle out of his hand.

"That be fer the soup you just swiped ya vermin!" He smiled widely.

"But I was just sampling the soup yo be sure it twas fit for our honored guest. We could have him fallin' ill knowin' your cooking." Maris's face turned a bright shade of red at the joke.

"Why i outta-"

"Give me some soup!" he said snatching the ladle back. He deftly filled two bowls, and ran off with them. He entered the tent with a grin on his face and walked up to the lizard. He handed the soup to him with a bow.

"Your food as requested your majesty." that both sent them into a fit of laughter. Ravic pulled up a chair, and set down his bowl. He crossed over to the supply storage and pulled out a bottle. He came back with a bigger grin, and sat down.

"This is the emergency ale, used for the sick patients, cures anything they say.  And since your wounded a bet you qualify ." They shared another laugh at that, and he uncorked the stopper.

"Cheers mate." They spent the night eating and drinking, and the laughter could be probably be heard throughout all of Mossflower.

The End

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