Rivet: Strange CreaturesMature

Rivet opened his eyes aware of how sore he was. His whole body ached especially his shoulder and chest. He looked calmly at the ceiling of his shelter that he was in. It was a simple ceiling  made of what seemed to be hay. Rivet attempted to sit up the pains in his chest and shoulder flaring up. At the moment an odd looking creature walked in and gasped.

"My word your awake!" The creature looked out the door and hollered for someone. "Log-a-Log it's awake!"

After several seconds five or six of the strange creatures came through the door. They crowded around him talking among themselves almost half arguing. A peculare one spoke over the others.

"I still say he is vermin. Ain't seen no folk like him afore." Another one argued back.

"Now ye can't go sayin he be vermin. Why would he been fighting vermin if he was vermin?"

The oldest looking one of the group silenced the others. " Enough! Why don't we ask the lad to explain himself?" He turned to rivet with and inquisitive look on his face. "What are you and why are you here?"

Rivet was a bit bewildered. "I...I'm a Desert Horned Lizard Sir. Mah name is Rivet. I was taken from mah homeland bah rats Sir. Mah village, it was attacked. I don't mean to be rude but may i ask what you are, Sir? I have never seen creatures like you before. I have also never seen a place like this before."

At this the old one laughed. "My dear boy, I'm a Shrew. My name is Log-a-Log." He started to point around the group surrounding his bed. "The one to your right is Galla. Beside her is Rodney. To my left her is Lelah. And the young shrew here is the one who saved you. This is Ravic. We are deeply sorry to hear about your village, the rats have caused some considerable trouble here as well. They work under a tyrant known as Doomfur the Terrible. That crafty fox took Redwall. Even got his dirty hands on Salamandastron. Things have been really bad since then. Unfortunately we can't help you get back to your village. You are welcome to stay here and rest up. Ravic here will help you with any questions you may have."

Log-a-log left the room with Rodney in tow. Rivet looked over at Ravic. He was interesting looking. Covered in brown fur and wearing a greed cloth around his head.

Rivet tried to sit up but was stopped by Lelah. "You need ta rest now. you took a beatin goin down tha falls."

Rivet laid back down willingly. "Were is mah Scythe? I need mah Scythe."

Lelah looked over to Galla confused. "Is you talkin bout that big blade you was holdin? You had ta pry it outa your hand. None of use culd carry the thing either. Ravic here was the onlyone who culd life it and even he had some trouble at first. Anyway it's safe we have it in da wepons shed outside."

Rivet laid back feeling a bit at ease. He was glad that his Scythe was safe. "How long was I out for?"

Lelah answered his question. "You have been out a full day and night."

Rivet sighed, it was going to be at least another day before be could walk and judging by the pain of his injuries, two to wield the Scythe again.

"Can I ask you something Ravic?"

Ravic looked down into Rivets eyes. "Watcha need to know Rivet?"

"Who is this Doomfur the Terrible?"

At the question Ravic's expression darkened. "Doomfur is a fox that came from the sea. He took over Salamandastron and then took Redwall. He is cunning and dangerous and the same goes for his generals. He commands the vermin like no one has before. He truly is a scourge on the lands. Even the badger lord couldn't stand against him."

Rivet looked up at the ceiling again. "I won't be going home Ravic. I just want to say that now."

Galla answered him before Ravic could. "Why not? Why wouldn't you want to go home?"

Rivet looked over to Galla "Because I no longer have a home to go back to. Theh took everything from me. Mah friends and mah family."

Rivet felt a paw on his shoulder. He turned to see Ravic with a fierce look in his eyes. "Don't you worry brother. Once your better we will get them vermin back for what they did!"

Galla clapped her hands together. "Right! You can stay here if you like. As long as you pull your weight around here. We can be your new friends!"

Rivet smiled, her words felt nice and the idea of having friends sounded nice. He would have to get better first then he would be able to find some closure for himself.

The shrew left the room for awhile. They had chores to do. Rivet spent the day keeping himself company in bad thinking about his homeland and wondering what a badger was. Later in the evening Ravic brought back a bowl of soup for him to eat. It was like nothing he had ever had before, and it surely tasted better than cactus stew. He enjoy the soup in silence and shortly after he drifted of to sleep having nightmares of his village being destroyed.

The End

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