Sila: Escape PlansMature

Sila’s first thought was that she was thirsty. That she was locked in a small cell with all her companions. And worst off, it was a cell that was suppose to hold the dirty vermin that had thrown them in here in the first place.

These dirty vermin. They would pay one day for trying to take Salamandastrom.

“Sah, cheer up chaps. No need ta go around lokin’ like old dirtbags, wot wot?” Sila looked up at Captain Fernhart who was trying to cheer everyone up.

“I’d rather be uh dirtbag den stay in dis place any longer.” Sila muttered, slumping down against a wall. Across the cell, a young hare stood up.

“Say, why don’t we get outta here?” He said with a small hop.

“You have uh plan? We’ve been stuck ‘ere fir days. Dere’s no way we could get out.”

The hare shook his head.

“No. I say we only git a few of us out. Then, us free ones can go git help to save the rest of you.”

“If they don’ skin us alive first.” Fernhart said with a small chuckle. “But Farathor, you rascal, that’s one good idea, wot wot?”

Farathor’s eyes lit up.

“Thank ye’ captain!” He gave the captain a small salute.

“Now, who are we going to send out? We can’t have dirtbags out there wot wot?” Sila swore she could feel Fernhart’s eyes on her as he said the last part. Farathor coughed slightly.

“I volunteer.” Fernhart nodded.

“The rascal came up with the idea. You get a spot. Anyone else?” Fernhart looked around the room. Sila opened her mouth to speak when she was interrupted abruptly.

“We’ll go.”

Fernhart’s eyes lit up as they wandered over to the two hares in the corner. One was taller than the other. They were obviously brother and sister.

“Candy and Jac! Perfect! That’ll be it.” He said with a clap of his hands, pushing them to the side.

“That’s it?” Sila looked up slightly disappointed.

“Three is enough. Wot wot?”

Sila opened her mouth to respond but was shushed by a glare. She plopped down by the wall somewhat upset and stared at the wall. She could hear them discuss the plan in hushed voices, but she was too angry to listen to them. She wanted to get out of here. But orders were orders.

Sila sighed. She leaned against the wall and slowly, she fell asleep.

What a shame.

The End

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