Ravic: Strange People In Familiar WatersMature

Ravic walked along the side of the River Moss on patrol. Patrol had been instated for the Guosim in these times of late with the fall of Redwall. The Guosim had to be warned if the armies of the foul Doomfur, or so they call him, attacked them next. Sure it was a boring job, but it was necessary and required of them so he did it without question or complaint. It was gloomy in the Guosim recently. The siege and fall of Redwall had dampened everyones spirit. The shrews would have given their lives for Redwall, but the attack was too quick, and too surprising. There was nothing they could have done, so here they were staying alive waiting for a chance in all this darkness.
          He was just reaching the boundary off his patrol limit when he saw figures ahead. Curious he quickened his pace towards the figures, cautious. Finally he drew close enough to see the scene clearly. There were rat and ferret corpses lying in pools of blood the stained the ground. Questions ran through his mind. What happened here? Who killed these vermin? Who would be here to fight vermin in the first place? He drew to the place where the corpses lie and knelt studying the bodies. Whatever weapon that inflicted these wound was strange indeed, one of the likes he had never seen before. As he studied the ground for clues he saw tracks leading off downstream towards the falls. he made a split second  decision, and set off following the tracks.
          The tracks finally led to the spot of the waterfall. The roaring off the water was deafening and not for his attuned hearing he would have never heard the vermin. He stealthily moved over to the cliff, and gazed down peering through the mist. He could see the yellow haze of lanterns down below. The vermin were shouting to each other trying to talk over the waterfall. He listened intently hearing snippets off their conversation.


"WELL DONCHA' GO AN TRY TO STICKIT' ON ME! IT WAS YOUR IDEA TO TRY TO FIND THAT LITTLE PEST OFF AN ANIMAL WE'R CHASIN'!! Another replied just as loud. By the looks of it these stupid idiots had climbed down the cliff, at least to the large ledge they were now camped on, and got themselves stuck. Idiots. Multiple vermin started yelling at each other until it was an all out war. Punches were thrown, pushes were made, he saw screaming shapes fly off the edge of the ledge. Willing to kill their own kind over an argument? Disgusting. He saw this as his chance, and he started to slowly lower himself down onto the side of the rocky cliff. He found handholds and footholds and nimbly scaled the rock wall he paused above the vermin hoping he would remain unseen and continued on. The vermin however were to busy killing each other to notice though. He climbed carefully, so as not to slip on the wet rock and plunge to his death.
          After an exhausting climb he finally reached the ground and scanned around for this animal the vermin were hunting. Lo and behold floating in the calm at the bottom of the falls was a strange creature clutching an equally strange weapon. Without hesitation he dove into the water and swam to the animal. He grabbed ahold of it and towed it behind him. He reached the shore again and pulled the creature onto the shore. So far there was really one option, he would have to bring the creature back to the Guosim camp. There was a secret path up the cliff the imbecile vermin didnt know about though. He had climbed on the way down to get to the bottom faster for the oath up the cliff the long and arduous, especially with a passenger, but it was what had to be done. His honor would never allow him to leave an innocent creature to die. So there was no choice.
          3 hours was how long it took to get back to the top of the cliff again. 3 painful hours that had zapped him off all his energy. If not for his superior strength for a shrew, then the trip would not have been possible. Amid several breaks he had hauled the strange creature up the secret path. He was now dragging him along the riverbank, to tired to carry him anymore. Not that the creatures weapon made it any easier. However, the strange way the creature clutched as if life depended on his hold to it even in the realm of unconsciousness was enough to bear the burden of it as well. Finally he reached the Guosim home, and collapsed as soon as he reached the village. Shrews spotted him and came racing to him barraging him with questions. He shrugged the shrews off and directed his requestion to Galla, a kind helpful shrew of the village.

"I must see the Log-a-log, run ahead and said word to him to gather the council." Galla nodded confusedly but without further questions obeyed. He hauled up the creature on his back and stumbled off towards the Log-a-log's home. When he arrived there members off the council and the Log-a-log were waiting for him. Upon his arrival with the creature various questions were all asked at once. none of which he answered he laid down the creature and hunched over trying to catch his breath before he explained anything. Finally after he was ready the Log-a-log asked;

"So what has happened? Who is this creature and why have you brought him here? Ravic explained everything from patrol to finding the creature, and his journey back. After his tale was told the council sat in silence for a moment, until one said;

"Why dont we just dump him back in the river, he is not our problem and he looks an awful lot a a vermin to me."

"No! We do not know the nature of his business and doing that would make us no less than the vermin in redwall. He will stay here until he is recovered and well to explain himself until then, get him to the medic to be looked after. And Ravic, lie low for now you have tomorrow off, youve dont enough work today." There was some muttering but nobody said anything so they all dismissed. He got to his quarters and collapsed into bed totally exhausted from the day. Tomorrow is going to be a hell of a day, he thought before he drifted off to sleep.

The End

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