Rivet lost and AloneMature

This Story is a tribute to the Redwall series and is purely fan made.

Rivet stumbled through the woods. He had managed to kill two of the rats that had him captive fleeing from the rest. However it had taken him six days to recover from the injuries that they had given him back in his village. He had fought bravely along side his brother and father but in the end it was all for nothing. They had killed his family and taken him alive for some unknown reason. He had been able to free himself, but now he was lost with no food or water in a strange place with only his scythe to protect himself.

Rivet stopped walking, leaning against a tree for support. A tear graced his cheek. The memory of his village being slaughtered in front of him was too much to bear. Why had they all been kill so savagely? Why were rats even in the desert to begin with? And were the hell am I now?

"I swear I will avenge my village and dedicate myself to hunting these scum for the rest of my life."

Rivet continued through the forest looking for some source of water. He looked around bewildered as he traveled never before had he seen so much green. He twirled his scyth around cutting some leaves off a tree. He caught them in mid air examining them closely they smelled very differently from cactus. He popped them into his mouth and began to chew choking when the terrible taste registered on his tongue. He spit out the leaves wiping his tongue with his hand.

"What a terrible tasting plant." He twirled his scythe again and continued through the woods. "I don't know were the rats have taken me, but I will find my home again and rebuild." The sound of rustling came from behind him. The rats! How do they find me! Surely they didn't know which way I had gone! Rivet scrambled through the woods trying to get some distance between him and the rats that were chasing him. Over a fallen tree, through some briers and down a steep hill. Soon he came to a wide river full of rapids. Rivet stared in amazement he had never seen so much water in his life at the same time his heart sank, he was cornered. A rat slide down the hill behind him followed by a ferret and another rat.

The first rat sneered. "Thought ya culd get away did ya? Well we caint be havin dat nows can we."

The smell of the rat was vile and it burned Rivets nose. The rat pulled out a jagged short sword and pointed it at Rivet. The other rat and the ferret followed suit. Rivet twirled his scythe around and pointed the hilt at the rat.

"Come try me you vile scum!"

The Rat angrily charged and Rivet quickly swung his scythe around beheading him and letting his corpse fall into the river. The other two were already on top of him. The ferret stabbed him in the leg and took a hit from the hilt of his scythe stumbling back. The other rat wasn't as lucky. He came in just as Rivet recovered getting sliced across the stomach and stumbling into the river as well. The ferret eyed him viciously and six more rats armed with halberds and swords slid down the hill to where they were.

Rivet cursed under his breath seeing that  he was heavily outnumbered. The Rats formed a semi circle around him forcing his back to the river. The Ferret stepped forward and addressed him.

"Ye shulda jus dun what ye were told. Ye culda been one of us and served our
Lord Doomfur."

Rivet spit at the ferrets feet. "I serve no Lord! Just my village!"

At this the ferret smiled wickedly. "Kill him!"

They all rushed him at once. Rivet countered the first one driving the scythe's blade into his chest. Another rat stuck him in the shoulder with a halberd. Rivet kicked the rat off his scythe and turned to face another breaking the halberd off in his shoulder. two more rats came in just as he was turning and stabbed him in the chest sending him off balance and backwards into the river.

Rivet clung onto his scythe so not to lose it in the strong currents. The rapids kept pulling him under and sending him back up choking for air. A loud roaring was getting closer and closer as he was swept down the river. Rivet looked behind him as he surfaced the water again and saw a gigantic drop. It was like nothing he had never seen before. Like someone had removed part of the river. He watched in horror as the rapids drew him closer and closer to the drop. When he reached it he clung on to his scythe as tightly as he could. He fell down the drop curled into a ball. He hit the bottom so hard it nearly knocked him out.

Rivet floated in the water dazed as he drifted in the now calm water. His shoulder was in incredible pain with the halberd head still stuck in it, and his head was spinning. He drifted to the shore and washed up on the bank passing out scythe still clutched tightly in his hand.

The End

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