A horror story, where something terrible happens to a high-school girl, and her friends.

My iPod fell in the snow, and I swear it broke. It was wet, and the screen flickered on and off, then finally settled and went black. I was in a terrible mood as I walked up to my house, unlocked the door and stomped in. I threw my snowy boots onto floor, and my broken iPod on the couch . I shut and bolted the door.

My heavy bag ached on my back, I threw it down at the front door and went to the kitchen to get some food. I walked near the dining room table, to see a note that was from my dad. It explained why he wasn't home and that he wouldn't be for the next forty-two hours. Whatever, that was fine with me, I would just do what I did every friday night. Do my homework, eat food and watch T.V.; that never gets old.

After dinner, I decided to call up my best friend Georgia, she was going to a party tonight and probably needed my help on what she would wear. As I dialed her number, I walked downstairs to my bedroom. I walked into my room, flicked on the light, and turned on the computer, when Georgia's high pitch voice answered.

"He-llllo?" said Georgia.

"Hey, its me. Sam."

"Ohh, Hi hun, i'm just deciding what to wear for tonight!"

"Haha, Thats why I called you..."

"What, you're gonna come now?"

"No, no, My dad needs me to stay home. He just got back in, uhh, last night." I lied.

"Oh, well that sucks, because  Jasper is going to be there!" She exclaimed. Jasper was this gorgeous jock at our school, that I have been in love with since 8th grade.

"Well, Jasper probably won't notice i'm not there, because he doesn't even know I exist!" I told her, like I do everytime we have this conversation.

"Oh, pssh, don't say that, he so does... you guys have been in the same classes for like three years now!"

"Yeah, thanks for the update. Anyways, have you decided what you are going to wear?"

"Yes, I think a purple strapless dress....Oh I have to run, my mom is home, I'll talk to you later, bye hun!"

"Bye, have fun."


Well that was a great conversation, she always had to bring up Jasper whenever she was going to see him and I wasn't... You think because she was my best friend she'd be a little more nice about my crush. But that was Georgia, for you.

I set the phone beside the keyboard on my dest and checked my e-mails, then browsed the internet looking for things to do.


 I had been sitting there for over 2 hours when the phone rang, it was Georgia. I answered, not knowing what to expect, had she lost her virginity at this party and needed to call me? Or had she made out with the beautiful Jasper and wanted to rub it in my face? .. well one way to find out, I answered.


Nothing, dead silence.

"Hello? Hello?"

I hung up. That was wierd, maybe it was a pocket dial, but maybe she was in trouble, she always tended to just get smashed at these parties, and maybe some guy was trying to get in her pants. I hit Redial on my phone, and held it to my ear, it rang a few times and then dead silence.

I looked at my phone, it seemed to be working fine, so I hit redial again.

 It wasn't Georgia's number but some seven digit number I did not recongnize. I suddenly got a chill, I was freezing. My hands were like ice, I went to my closet and put on a sweater. I grabbed the phone, punched Georgia's number in, and walked up the stairs.

It was ringing, ringing, ringing...the front door was open? I hung up the phone and went to the front door. I took a peek outside, and then closed and locked it. I swear I locked it, I was starting to get a little scared.

The floor was wet with melted snow, and my socks were soaked. I turned around from the front door to see a man. A man dressed in black, staring at me.

The End

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