Redemption Under The Oak Tree

Poison love I took it rare,  my true loves heart I didn’t care,

I thought the fumes dissolved in air, but suspicious  minds often dare,

A peerless heart I thought was mine, but the idea died after time,

I meet her at the big oak tree, where we used to come and discuss dreams,My eyes poured out a sea of sorrow, that I would drown in come tomorrow

Her face was stable and she spoke her mind, she said she didn’t want to criticize my crimes,

The ring fell hard, all strings were cut, there were no more words that were need to be put,

And all you can hear  is the crowd that say grow up and out of your heart cause its loud,Thoses same people who get as much love as heart beats, how can they understand themselves,when they spend their lives at some one else’s feet.

People can talk, folks can bleed, but they don’t know about redemption under the oak tree

The End

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