Redemption of the Emerald Marquise

A lady has committed a crime that defiles the Holy One's creation. She is punished by being sent to the Outer Bounds. There she meets gruesome creatures, gods who were once angels, a fire spirit, and a demon who wants her service. A service that may cost her. A cost that may be her life.

Chapter One: Landing In Punishment

The angel walked toward me, his long, glorious, golden wings dragging along the dark, muddy earth. Not one inch of the wings was defiled by the grime; they remained spotless and pure. The beautiful, heavenly creature was coming to kill me. His idyllic, white robe swept the ground with its golden stitching. His chest showed at the opened neck of the robe; showing his rippling muscles.

His vast wings were dark shades of blue. He had short, wavy black hair streaked with navy; his long bangs fell just short of his eyes. He was heavenly, divine. He walked with authority, with power. I knew what he was called; the Blue Angel. He brought justice and punishment on those who sinned against God or defiled God's creation.

I fell to my knees and glanced down at my filthy, muddy clothes. It was odd that as I faced death I was wishing for something better to wear in front of this divine, immortal being.

He stopped two feet away from me. "Colapietra Gurriato?" His voice was deep; it spoke of power within his veins. I nodded and looked up into his eyes and smiled weakly. No point in lying.

"You're here to kill me, aren't you, angel?" I asked wearily, standing cautiously. I never let my simple, brown eyes leave his startling, sapphire eyes.

"Sí, señorita. Yo soy," the Blue Angel replied in the language of my childhood. My heart stopped at his answer. He stepped closer and looked kindly at me. My heart sped up at his kindness, his pity. I had sinned and now was going to pay the price.

I smiled at him and he smiled back. "Will you make it quick, please?" A nod. A tear ran down my cheek; I wiped it away and burst into sobs. He waited patiently as I collected myself. I looked around at the battlefield, at the drying blood, at the bloodied ground that was littered with rotting corpses, and then at the magnificent angel. "Did I cause this?" Another nod. "I never meant to harm anyone. I was trying to help people, but turned out so wrong. I never meant to sin against God."

"Yo sé," he said sadly. He looked at the bodies close to him and looked as if he was in pain. "Many died today. Their souls cry to me." The Blue Angel paused and looked back into my eyes; a tear hit the ground, causing me to tear up once more. "You did not intentionally sin, but none-the-less you sinned and have defiled God's creation. You must pay for your crimes, Colapietra Gurriato. Any last words? Do you want to ask the Almighty for forgiveness?"

I cried. "God, please forgive me." Nothing else would come out. Tears ran my face and splashed on the slimy ground. I suddenly felt renewed the moment after I spoke the prayer. I had truly asked for His forgiveness. I smiled and the fear vanished. "Do it." He smiled his charming smile, raised his hand, and pressed his glowing-white palm against my forehead.

"Obliterato muerverno!" he said, and pain rushed through my body. I felt like my atoms were being torn apart. The agony quit after a few, short moments and I faded into the unfathomable darkness. The last thing I remember was hearing the Blue Angel cry.


I was falling and I knew it. Terror gripped me as I tried to think where I was. Nothing came to me. Nothing. Did I die when el ángel placed his palm to my forehead? Panic increased as I continued to fall and I realized the complete darkness I was in. Where would I go, Heaven or Hell? I was hoping Heaven, but for the crimes I committed I probably would go to Hell and burn forever. And I was going down wasn't I?

Wind whistled past me, hinting how fast I was going. I yelled for someone to save me, but there was no answer. For what seemed like years, I finally gave up on reaching the bottom; reaching the end of the road. They were going to make me fall for eternity.

"God! God, please help me! End this, please!" I roared at the direction I thought was up. Wait. No answer from up there. He ignores the prayers from Hell. The people and things in Hell are the ones who denied Him. I denied Him.

Tears fell as I continued to fall into the darkness, and I cried out to El Ángel Azul, but I knew he couldn't or wouldn't answer. My mind drifted to other times, other places, and other darknesses for what seemed like eternities. This state of illusions, mindlessness, hallucinations, and sobbing, and sorrow lasted until I noticed something different.

It was not pitch dark anymore. There was a little light coming from somewhere below me. And it was getting closer and closer. I yelled for someone; for whom, I did not know. The air streamed around me as I felt myself slow down slightly. Then I hit the ground, hard. The air whooshed out of me as excruciating pain ran up and down my body. I laid there for eternity, wishing for the pain to leave.

"Lady? The pain will leave if you just get up," said a man's voice. The voice dragged me out of the pain. A hand touched my wrist and helped me get up. "The pain's already leaving, isn't it?"

I looked up at the odd stranger. "Yes, it is. Thank you, sir." I stood wobbly for a moment, his hand staying on my shoulder the whole time.

The man was odd. He had spiky brown hair with white strips all the way through. His eyes were a dull green. His skin was the odd part; it was slightly red. He wore long, black pants and a gray shirt that said, "I rock, and you suck!" in bright orange letters. His nose was large and pointy; the same with his ears. A large lantern hung in his left hand, and a gleaming blade was grasped in his right hand.

"Who are you?" I asked as I looked around. "And where am I?"

"My name is Samitia and last names don't matter here," he answered, his voice high and squeaky. "And we are in the Outer Bounds of Hell." His face darkened at this. "Only those who deserve cruel punishment come here. In Hell you are punished for eternity in flames, but here you are punished, tortured, hunted, and eaten. And you are able to be killed here. No Heaven; no Hell. You just disappear."

Silence hung in the air like fog. Samitia glanced around cautiously. He then looked at me and shushed me. He handed me the lantern and swung the blade dangerously; he knew how to use it. Silence.

"Who's there?" he roared into the dark. The sound bounced along unseen objects. Then silence. A high-pitched howl split the air like a knife. Then silence. Samitia tensed and began backing away slowly. "Lady, this is a demon. We need to run fast." He sheathed his blade in an unknown sheath, grabbed my hand, took the lantern, and ran, dragging me behind.

We ran, listening as the howls got closer and closer. I was breathing hard, and Samitia was slowing. He and I both knew with the speed this thing was gaining, we could not run from it. He stopped and unsheathed his blade and faced the oncoming danger. He passed the lantern to me. "Make sure I can see," he said, twirling his blade around and around.

"That light will not help you, Red Skin, and you know that. Why are you protecting a W]witch? They are dangerous to all, even to one of the djinn," said a raspy voice. A dark shadow moved into the light. Laughter erupted from Samitia as he sheathed his blade.

"You scared me half to death," he said, walking toward the shape. The shadows took shape as a wolf. But this wolf was different. Huge wings hung from its back; the feathers were an array of browns, blacks, whites, greys, and specks of gold. Instead of a wolf's tail, there was a long, green, scaly serpent's tail; the end was sharp like a blade. The creature's eyes were black like the darkness.

I looked at the creature fearfully as the creature smiled at Samitia and swung its wings, making a blast of air hit me. The being laughed at my fear and Samitia's anger. "Sorry, Samitia. I just love having you react that way," rasped the creature. It paused, and then quickly turned its gaze to me. "And who are you, human?"

"I am Colapietra Gurriato," I said. I stepped closer when Samitia motioned for me. "And who or what are you?"

The creature laughed. "I have many names in countless languages, but my original name was Marchosias; you may call me March." Suddenly, its body was shimmering and quivering as it morphed. The change was almost instant. Now the creature was a beautiful woman with long, brown hair and black eyes. She was taller than the average man. The same wings the wolf had now hung on her back, touching the ground. Green scales rippled down her arms and legs. She now wore an elegant dress of purple silk, while her feet were bare. One difference from the Blue Angel was that her wings were filthy.

I studied her slowly as I put out my hand to touch the scales. Something in me wanted to stroke them so bad. "What are you?" I asked as I jerked my hand back before I could touch the beautiful, emerald scales.

March laughed a laugh that sounded like bells ringing on Sunday mornings. "The question, dear mortal, is what you are." She paused as I thought that over. "I am a Fallen One. And I am looking for deliverance from this cursed realm of darkness. And you are going to help me."

The End

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