Red Sky

So basically, this breif snippet began when I was listening to a song, and the lyrics were so beautiful that it really inspired me to write. This is the tale of a sailor drowning in the embrace of his one true lover, the briny blue ocean...


My lady, she calls to me, barely a whisper. The sound of my name in her mouth, so intimate that I shudder in anticipation of our embrace. I look down at her, the phosphorescent glow of the moonlight reflecting back from her shimmering skin. The image of an angel, bathed in a glow only visible when looking into her heart. Her body, naked, but covered beyond my view by the tangles of humanity, sin, morality and faith. They wrap around her twisted and gnarled in gangly greens and blues, clinging to her damp skin. She lifts her arms out to me calling once more, smiles. 

I cannot deny her any longer. I run, desperation sending the beat of my heart into its crescendo. She holds me tight in her grasp, unforgiving. She pulls me into herself, until we are the same person, the same soul. All I see, feel and breath is her. She fills my lungs and stings my eyes, the bitter taste of salt on my tongue and on my heart. There is only her. Her tongue is a thirsty knife, and she pierces me with it, my lips, my cheeks - until the blood stains her also and I can no longer taste anything but the sickly-sweet nectar of my own death.

The stars retreat behind their veil, the clouds clinging to my sail as I am dragged deeper down into her great blue depths. Her tangles reach out and bind themselves onto my cold lifeless skin, pulling me down, down, down. Can’t she see the crimson skies, as the morning light of the sun falls upon our intertwined ends ? Is she not drowning in me as I am her ? I take gasps between her kisses but can find no breath in me - I am so cold. 

My lady, she falls away from me, closes her eyes and drifts into the heavens, her binds loosened. I smile, I know tonight we’ll make our bed...

At the bottom of the sea.

The End

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