Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood. That's the code name for the project I was assigned to. I had to do a mission so classified, that I can't tell you what it's related to until I am absolutely sure I can trust you.

Red throws knife into wooden table she's sitting at and looks from the tape recorder to the man interviewing her and pops bubble gum loudly.

So even though I'm the best the agency has, and no, that's not bragging, just the truth, this was only my second mission. The hot shots in their fancy suits who run my agency think that all these academy brats with their fancy book learning Are better in the field than someone like me.

Red throws another knife onto table and glares at the interviewer from underneath dark brown wavy hair.

But they're wrong, like they always are. That's part of the reason you most likely won't recognize my agency when you hear the name, if I tell you, because the government likes to hide all embarrassments from other countries and their people, so our agency is hidden behind the shadows.

Rambling, you say? Well I'm the one that's being interviewed, so shut up and listen if you want me to keep talking. It don't take much to make me stop talking, so if you want answers, then stop talking and listen.

What was my mission? Well, let's just say there was this man in Germany that I was supposed to escort safely out of the country under the guise as his niece, whom he affectionately called 'Red Riding Hood,' hence the name of the mission.

What? The first day I met him? Well, that day was cold and had a thick fog that obscured everything…

The End

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