Red ribbon

This is part of a story i am gunna write

Washed up on the shore and the very sand mocked me, fed on my sorrows. Bits of a broken life surrounded me, photos and pictures, water damaged, like the sea herself wanted to wash away my life. To sweep away my existance.

And the world was empty.

I was almost lulled to sleep by the repetative sounds, but my dreams filled with regrets. A red ribbon. A broken mirror. A broken trust. From my desterbed sleep, my eyes flickered open.

Not even sleep wanted me now.

Happiness fell like sand through my fingers,  memories, times being swept away by the jet black waves, which whispered in the silver light. Afraid. Soaked. Cold, a bitter hug from my despare.

I was alone.


In the time of darkness, I looked up into the night sky, and i saw the stars shine brightly, and I realised there was still hope.

Still hope somewhere shining for me.

And I got to my feet.

The End

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