Red on the white snow

I didn't mean to die that day. All I really remember is it was winter and someone stabbed me in the heart. I lay there bleeding. But then something came and bit me. I woke up feeling dead...yet, alive. I touched my face, it was cold as ice. I get up and walk, no I run. To the highway, I find myself thinking that I needed blood. Why would I need blood? I shake my head but my mouth aches. I see someone walking along the highway.

 He was smiling and whistling softly. I see a knife in his hands. He's the one who killed me! Before I can think I'm on him and sucking his blood. What was I doing? Oh, but it tasted good! He slumped on me and I realised what I'd done. I had sucked someone's blood! I was could I be one?

 I walk along the highway and put out my thumb. A car pulls over and a short boy about my age steps out. "Come in, I'll give you a ride" he sais. I smile and walk into the car. "So where do you need to go?" he asks. I find myself starring at his neck, a small vein was running through it. "Um...I'd like to go to my school. I was kinda kicked off the bus" I say snapping out of it. This guy was nice I wouldn't hurt him. "Ya me too, except now that I have this car I can go anywhere" he sais and reves it to life. "So what school do you go to?" he asks me. "Rivers meet high" I say. "I just transfered to that school" he sais smiling at me. I liked him he was an ok guy. But again ym eyes traveled to his neck. "So, whats your schedual?" I ask him. He tells me the exact same schedule as mine. "Same" I say and smile at him again.

The End

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