Red Lily

Her bottom lip trembled as the ground beneath her shook once again.

This was the end, the last few moments, and in some ways, it couldn't have come any sooner. She was sore, every sinew ached and far more than just her body had been mutilated. The fingerprints had embedded themselves onto her porcelain skin, the blue turning a purplish-yellow. The tears flowed, staining her cheeks, moving along the light crevaces of her skin for the very last time.

Another tremendous bang came from the door, waking the dormant dust and residue that had, for so long, quietly slept there. She could imagine the weight upon her, the heaving muscles of the body that threw itself so savagely against her last line of defense.

She looked down at her bloodied dress and traced the flowers along the hem and up to the chest as her mother used to, not so long ago. Her tiny life was painful, but she would not let it be for nothing.

The door shook again; one last impact and it would detach itself from the wall, which seemed to cling to it desperately, almost taking pity on the small figure whose fate had been so cruelly chosen.

She wiped her eyes and looked keenly around the room. The cobwebs and dust were not always there, but apart from them the room looked just as it had before she was taken. She shuddered and her throat throbbed as her mind conjured the image of her screaming mother being wrenched apart from her only daughter. The horror in her eyes was understandable to her now. She knew what lie ahead of her precious girl, her baby.

Frieda then stood. Her gaze fell on the knife that lay glittering in the light seeping through the rotten window. She moved swiftly and slipped it up her sleeve, as she had done many times before. If the end would come, she would not go alone, it would not begin again.

Another huge thud against the door. The weakening joints reluctantly loosened its grip, causing splintered wood to fly across the room. His silhouette seemed to quiver in his hunger. A small shuddering breath was all that could be heard as he took one step inside.

The End

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