Red Like Blood

She looked at me. Her lips were red like blood. Those pouting condescending lips were, what I thought, the most desirable part of her. Of course her eyes were piercing but she played them down so the attention remained on her mouth. I should resist but I don’t want too. I have waited so long for someone to tempt me. For someone to seduce me to the point where I am faithfully obedient. Obsessed even. The anticipation of her every word grabs my attention. I cannot bare to wait a moment longer. She persisted in casually reacting casually staring around the room. As if she didn’t notice … She did. I know that. I think.


“I have an extra copy if you like. I could meet you tomorrow, or I could bring it to you wherever you are” I said leaning in.


She glanced in my direction, lit a cigarette, and appeared to consider.


The End

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