Chapter One

When the recording session was over, he went home. The drive was long, but he liked it that way. It gave him time to stop and think -- to reflect on the day's events. When he came home around nine, he almost felt disappointed that it was over, but when he remembered what he had waiting inside for him, he changed his mind.

He entered the house quietly and casually, pretending that he had no reason to run in, even though he desperately wanted to. Even once he entered his house, he nonchalantly placed his keys in the dish on the table before turning to go into his bedroom.

After washing his face and changing into his night clothes, he laid down on his bed with a bottle full to the brim with a strong alcohol. After downing it all in ten seconds, he passed out on his bed.

And then, he felt no pain.

Until the morning.

The End

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