Chapter 13.13Mature

“That doesn't matter. That really doesn't matter, babe. All that matters to me is that you're okay. Are you?”

Caelan nodded. “I'm okay now.”

Zeke stroked his cheek softly, trying to reassure him. Caelan looked down at the ring on his finger and back up at Zeke, almost nervously.

“This wasn't how I imagined this going, that's safe to say,” Zeke muttered, smiling.

“I'm sorry. I kind of ruined it, didn't I?”

“What, no! No you didn't. I imagined this going too perfectly. And it wasn't in some shitty park in Glasgow.”

“I like this park, thank you very much. It's nice,” Caelan argued.

Zeke grinned at him. “If you say so.”

“As long as I'm in your lap, anywhere is nice,” he smiled shyly.

“Nice is such a boring word,” Zeke commented, making Caelan laugh.

“Well it's quite pretty, I suppose.”

“So are you.”

“I'm not 'pretty'.”

“No, 'sexy' covers you more.”

Caelan blushed a pale pink. “Shut up...”

Zeke kissed him lightly, tasting the remnants of salty tears on the lips that he just loved so much. Caelan responded to him immediately, kissing back, his fingers twining into the long hair at the nape of his neck. The kiss was automatically deepened by this, made more passionate, more meaningful by this one small act.

“Cae, we're in the middle of a park,” Zeke pulled back to whisper, “if we carry on with this, I'm going to flip you over and fuck you senseless.”

Caelan drew in a shaky breath of anticipation, the simple sentence throwing any other thoughts away.

“Yes please,” Caelan breathed out, making Zeke's eyes widen in surprise.

“You want that?”

“I need that...” He couldn't stop the embarrassed flush from breaking out over his cheeks.

“I know where we can go. As exciting as sex with you is, I don't want to get arrested for dogging.”

Caelan giggled a little. He hadn't meant they do it on the grass by the pond. Zeke stood with Caelan still wrapped around him. He slowly took his legs back, standing on his tiptoes so he was closer to being the same height as Zeke.

“Why are you so much taller than me?” he grumbled.

Zeke grinned at him and took his arms from around his neck, taking his hand and leading him away.

In reality, the height difference was about seven inches but to Caelan it was more like three million feet. Zeke was one of the tallest people he knew, his long legs carrying him above everyone else.

Caelan paid no attention to their surroundings, not watching which way they left the park of the direction they took after that. It didn't matter to him; he trusted Zeke with his life, with his heart. Suddenly he remembered something his mother had said to him many years ago, when he was only fifteen: “Love is giving someone your heart and trusting them not to break it.” And wasn't that true. The amount of times Caelan had been forced to give his trust to Zeke for something he didn't believe in was astounding, but Zeke always proved himself right in the end.

Five minutes later Zeke was pulling him into a block of flats and up a couple flights of stairs. They reached a door and Zeke fumbled to get a key out and shove it into the lock.

“This is where you bring all the prostitutes?” Caelan joked lightly.

Zeke grinned. “You're my one and only, baby,” he breathed before throwing open the door and dragging him in.

Caelan knew they wouldn't be emerging for at least an hour. 

The End

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