Chapter 13.12Mature

Caelan gasped, floundering for words but there were none. Zeke was offering him a ring, his family ring. Zeke was biting at his lip with anxiety. Caelan knelt down swiftly and pulled Zeke’s lips against his suddenly. He gasped in shock, giving Caelan the opportunity to push his tongue in. Zeke wrapped his arms around his neck, pulling him closer that way.

“Wait,” Zeke said, breaking off the kiss, breathing heavily. “I haven’t asked you yet. Marry me, Cae.”

Caelan shrieked with joy and threw himself on top of him, knocking him back.

“Take that as a yes?” Zeke asked, grinning widely, looking up at him.

“Yes! Yes, yes, of course!” Caelan giggled.

Zeke, beaming, sat up with Caelan’s legs wrapped around his waist. He took the ring from the box and took Caelan’s left hand, sliding it onto the ring finger. Caelan threw his arms around his neck, hugging him tightly.

“This is what you’ve been hiding from me? What you were going to give me the other night?” Caelan asked, resting his forehead against Zeke’s.

Zeke nodded a little, smiling. “Yeah, this was it...”

“I’m so happy right now. I love you, so much.”

“I love you more.”

Caelan suddenly started crying, the tears streaming down his face. Zeke looked at him in surprise.

“Cae? What’s up?”

“I just...” He sobbed once and bit down on his bottom lip to stop any more from escaping.

“Baby, what is it? You can tell me.”

“I just love you too much to lose you,” he whispered, the tears clinging to his eyelashes, making his eyes glitter in the light from the sun.

Zeke stroked his cheek softly. “I know... What happens will happen though, even if it’s the worst, okay? We’ll get through it though, I promise.”

Caelan sniffed back tears. “No we won’t. I won’t, not if you’re gone.”

Zeke sighed and squeezed Caelan in his arms. “Everything will be fine. You’d be looked after.”

“By who, Zeke? I’d be so fucking miserable no one would want to be around me.” He buried his face in Zeke’s neck and murmured. “I’d probably just follow you.”

Zeke tensed. “Don’t you fucking dare...” he breathed.

“Why not?” Caelan sniffed, his voice flat.

“Because I’ll slap you if I see you, that’s why.”

Caelan couldn't help but laugh a little at that. He wiped his eyes quickly.

“I know you would,” he whispered.

“As long as you know,” Zeke replied. He sighed and ran his fingers through Caelan's hair and pulled his face closer to his neck. “Seriously, please don't kill yourself if I die. I want you to have a proper life, meet someone else, be happy with them.”

Caelan scoffed. “Like that's going to happen. Just... Don't leave me. I'm begging you, Zeke, please.”

“I'll do my best not to, I can promise you that.”

Silence reigned for a couple minutes as Caelan calmed down, his tears stopping and drying on his cheeks, his eyes still a little puffy. Slowly, Caelan sat back.

“I got your t-shirt wet,” he murmured, his voice still sounding a little thick.

Zeke's heart broke a little at the sight of Caelan, his skin softened by tears, his eyes red and his lips slightly swollen from their kissing earlier. He smiled at his boyfriend - no, fiancé he had to correct himself. His smile widened further at the thought.

The End

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