Chapter 13.10Mature

Zeke sniffed back tears and smiled.

“Thank you. There's a park near here.”

Caelan nodded and said, “Lead the way.”

Zeke took his hand again and led him down to road, keeping him close. Caelan leant against his arm as they walked, thinking about what it could possibly be that had him so worked up.

It was a ten minute walk to the park Zeke was talking about and it was pretty empty, all the kids at school and the adults at work. Zeke sat down on a swing, pushing himself back and forth slowly. Caelan sat on the one beside it sideways so he was facing Zeke. He waited quietly for Zeke to begin. It was a few minutes before he took a deep breath and said the first few words, looking over at the pond.

“Jordan Wade isn't my father.”

Caelan frowned. “What? I don't...”

Zeke sighed. “My mother...” he started and Caelan immediately shut his mouth; Zeke never spoke about his mother. “She was a warlock named Ananta. A powerful warlock. Cassius was her twin brother. She was with Jordan for a long time before they decided they wanted a child. But vampires can't reproduce with warlocks; the children are always mutated stillborns.”

Caelan watched him for a few moments in silence. “But you...” he trailed.

“I'm not a vampire. Not really. The only time I feed is when you ask me to.”

Cae stared at him, shocked. “I don't understand.”

“Mother, she... She knew that she and Jordan couldn't have a baby. She saw the opportunity for an experiment. She knew that the genetic makeup from two angels, male or female, could produce offspring outside of any body. Her idea was, if that could work, would it work inside a woman.”

Caelan frowned, trying to understand. Zeke waited a few moments before continuing.

“She visited an angel and a demon. And she slept with them both. Angels don't reproduce the same way as other creatures. Their genes become part of the female's uterus, waiting to fertilise an egg. So Mother had the genes of both an angel and a demon inside her and they fertilised the same egg, as she'd imagined they would. And that made me.”

“But why do you need blood, even if it is only occasionally?”

“Mother said she mixed Dad's blood with hers, altering the foetus, so he wouldn't ever suspect that the baby wasn't his.”

Caelan sat in shock, speechless. But Zeke wasn't finished.

“I'm the result of a warlock, an angel and a demon. My vampire and warlock side fought for dominance while I was young. It's why I was able to see the future. When I turned eight, the vampire won, switching off my foresight. Remember when I was eleven, twelve and I just got so... Angry and violent? Samael said it was because the angel and demon sides 'woke up' and made themselves known, fighting against each other because it was unnatural for them.”

The End

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