Chapter 13.5Mature

Yes! she wanted to scream at him, of course I do! But then she remembered what the woman had said: ‘You will be offered the chance to go to the Dimension to get him back. But you must turn this offer down.’ As much as it pained her, she replied to Jay in the negative

“I can’t; Zeke needs me here. But you’ll keep me updated with whatever you find, right?” she said, which was more of an order than a question.

“Yeah, of course. I’m glad that Zeke has you, Beth. He needs someone strong to support him.”

Did Jay know? Did he know about what was going to happen on Zeke’s birthday on Friday? To be honest, did she? Not really. He was going to have to make a choice, but what was it?

“Thank you...” Beth trailed. “What is this possible lead you’ve found anyway?”

“An elf is selling stolen slave receipts on the black market. I’m hoping he’ll be on there. Well, I’m not, but you know what I mean. This might be how we find out who bought him. I swear, when I next see Rosalyn, I’m going to kill her.”

“No, that’s my job.”

“Fair enough, I guess. But, yeah, so hopefully we’ll be able to get them so we can go and get him back.”

Beth grinned, feeling suddenly energized. “That’s good, that’s very good.”

“Yeah,” she could hear the smile in his voice.

“Anyway, go! Find him while I take care of Zeke.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jay laughed softly. “Bye, Beth. Make sure my nephew doesn’t get in too much trouble with that rogue.”

“I’ll do my best. Bye, Jay.”

“Bye,” he said before hanging up.

She felt as if she were going to explode with excitement if she didn’t tell someone soon. She jumped out of bed, practically throwing her phone down, and skipped down to Caelan’s room just down the corridor.

“Caelan, guess what!” she grinned, bursting through the door. However, she was quickly turning around and hurrying out of the room. “I did not need to see that!”

Scarred. For. Life.

Zeke and Caelan had been kissing on the bed, shirtless, which would have been absolutely fine if Zeke had not had his hand down Caelan’s pyjama trousers!

“You walked in!” she heard Zeke call back at her.

Well, that was true, but she still didn’t need to see all of that.

She collapsed onto her bed and covered her face with her hands.

“Did you ever hear of knocking?” Zeke asked, his tone amused, but he sounded a lot closer than he had been.

She peeked out through her fingers to see him standing in the doorway, his t-shirt restored to its proper place on his body, his hands in the pockets of the jeans he’d probably slept in last night.

“Oh, shut up. I didn’t think,” she groaned.

He laughed. “To be honest, I think Caelan is about as embarrassed as you are.”

The End

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