Chapter 13.3Mature

“Really?” Zeke asked, tilting his head up so he could see his uncle from where he lay on the couch.

“Of course, why would I not be?”

Zeke shrugged. “I thought you didn’t like Caelan.”

“I never met him until this evening. Although, he makes you happy and that makes me like him a lot. Speaking of your happiness, how are the nightmares?”

“I don’t see how that’s related to my happiness,” Zeke commented.

“You may not but I do. Did the stuff I give you help at all?”

“Not for long, no.”

Cassius sighed. “Have they got any worse since we last spoke?”

“I’m not sure, define ‘worse’.”

“Tell me,” he commanded, sitting up straighter in his chair.

“Well... You know that dream I kept having the last couple of months?”

“Where you’re running away from something, yes.”

“It changed a little bit recently. About two months ago, a wolf started appearing in it, a couple of nights ago it spoke to me for the first time.”

Cassius’ face paled and he dropped his head into his hands. “I was hoping you wouldn’t have to go through this,” he whispered.

“Through what?” Zeke asked, becoming concerned.

Cassius sighed. “Your mother was a warlock, Zeke, her genes were passed down to you. That manifested in your foresight, but then that disappeared as your... other sides began to fight against the dominant one and nothing else occurred to make me think that I had to worry about training you for this.”

“For what?”

“Ismene is an owl—” A small cry came from her perch in the corner at the sound of her name. “—and Corvina is a raven, as you are aware. You know that they are more than just normal animals, but you aren’t aware of how gifted they are.”

He scrubbed at his face with his hands and considered his next words.

“The legends of witches, wizards – especially in Europe – are more accurate than most imagine. It’s a closely guarded secret among the Order but warlocks, upon nearing their twenty-fifth birthday, begin to have dreams of a certain animal. It slowly appears to warlock, before eventually speaking to him.”

“But I’m nearly twenty-nine now.”

“You’re not just a warlock though, it would have slowed it down. This animal... becomes that warlock’s familiar. A familiar is a supernatural entity that aids in the learning of magic, and the use of it. They also act as guards, warn people when they sense danger approaching, but to simply be a companion as well. This is what Ismene and Corvina are to me. This wolf... is probably yours.”


“I know it’s a lot to take in.”

“But this wolf is in my dreams, how can it be my familiar or whatever if it’s only in my head? Issy and Corvina are real.”

“This is the thing. To get your familiar, you have to travel to the Order and complete a series of trials before you get to speak to the Seraph and he introduces you to the familiar.”

The End

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