Chapter 12.8Mature

She replied again, but quiet enough that they couldn’t hear this time.

“Yeah, goodbye ma’am.” He hung up. “I’m so sorry; I didn’t know you were with... them.”

“I’ll be having my blade back now,” Zeke said shortly.

“Yes, of course. Get them their weapons,” he commanded one of the guards at the door, who hesitated before going. “Again, I’m truly sorry about this, if I’d known—”

“But you didn’t, and so there is no problem,” Zeke replied.

“Thank you. Good luck with your... Uh, goals.”

“And you.”

Zeke stood just as the guard was returning. He took his knife back and walked past him, out of the room. Caelan sighed slightly and did the same, taking his gun and dagger. Beth just followed them.

“Is that why you’re always coming up to Glasgow?” Caelan asked Zeke. “To see Lieutenant Colonel Browne?”

“No, but it doesn’t hurt to keep up relations with the military. It’s not far to our destination from here.”

From there, Zeke said nothing, lapsing back into that state where he simply wasn’t listening to you. Even when a seemingly new police officer rushed up to him with the keys to his car, he simply took them and kept walking. Caelan thanked the man for him.

“Are you alright?” Beth asked Caelan as they got into the car, him in the back by choice again.

He sighed. “I asked him what it was he wanted to give me the other day, or whenever it was. It feels like so long ago.”

Beth had to bite her lip to stop herself grinning; she knew exactly what it was that Zeke had wanted to give him, but she’d promised on her engagement to Robert that she wouldn’t tell him.

“You just have to give him time, that’s all. Wait until he’s ready. It’s probably something really important,” she said, trying to keep as straight a face as possible.

“Like what though?” he asked, sounding exasperated.

“I don’t know,” she lied. “Just wait and see. Maybe he’s trying to prepare himself to give you it and all this shit that’s going on means he’s not ready.”

Caelan laughed softly. “You ever considered being a relationships advisor?”

She smiled. “I don’t know what I want to do,” she admitted.

“That’s one of the things about the sort of life we live; you don’t really get a choice about what you grow up to be.”

“You don’t?”

“I’m not complaining. This is all I’ve ever wanted to do. Much better than being a housewife in my opinion, because apparently I’m the girl of our relationship.” He rolled his eyes just as Zeke pulled up outside a three-storey terraced house.

“We’re here,” Zeke murmured, taking a deep breath, getting out of the car and going to get the bags from the boot.

Beth and Caelan followed. Beth took hers off him and slung it over her shoulder, looking up at the house that would be their refuge for a while.

Zeke walked up the steps to the front door and knocked.

Oh my god, 52,000 words now. Eek! I'm loving this so much more than the first version, what do you think?

The End

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