Chapter 12.7Mature

She knelt by him as he seemed to recover. He slowly stood up and stayed still for a few moments before walking over and sitting down in one of the chairs, leaving one in the middle between him and Caelan, who hadn’t moved since he’d sat down.

Beth sat in the seat between them and no one said anything. Five minutes later, another officer walked in, though this one looked higher ranking than the others they’d encountered. He sat down in the chair opposite the three of them.

“Would any of you like a lawyer?” he asked.

“Don’t need one,” Zeke and Caelan said at the same time.

“And why is that? Because you already know you’re going down for speeding and carrying concealed weapons?”

“Because you’ll soon be giving my knife back and letting us out of here,” Zeke said, his voice strong again.

The officer opposite them laughed. “Why would I do that?”

“Could I borrow your mobile?” Zeke asked.

“Why?” he demanded, narrowing his eyes.

“Count it as my phone call,” he replied sarcastically.

“Who are you ringing?” He got the phone out but held onto it.

“Won’t cost you a penny, believe me.” Zeke’s blue eyes seemed to brighten as he met the other man’s eyes. As if in a trance, the officer handed the phone over. “Much obliged.”

Zeke opened the flip phone and began to type in a number.

“Are you ringing Mel?” Caelan asked him.

“No, what use would she be in this situation? She’s in Japan anyway.”

Zeke lifted the phone to his ear and seemed to be waiting for a minute or two.

“Hey, can I speak to Lieutenant Colonel Browne please?” he asked eventually.

Beth frowned; who the hell was he ringing?

He was waiting for a bit longer. “Ah, Browne, it’s been a long time. It’s Wade. I need a favour.” He waited for the reply. “I do not always need favours. And besides, this one is in your best interests. You see, I’m in Glasgow at the moment, at the police station to be exact. Will you talk to the idiot sat opposite me and explain to him why exactly I was carrying weapons?” There was a brief pause as whoever was on the other end on the phone replied. “She’d like to talk to you,” he said, smiling sweetly at the police officer.

The policeman took the phone back, his face pale. “Uh, ma’am?”

Everyone in the room could hear the response:

What the fuck are you doing arresting Zechariah Wade?” the woman on the other end screamed. “He could snap you in half if he really wanted! He’s one of the ones that keeps this country safe, you fucktard! Release him this minute, and whoever was with him!"

“Um, yes, ma’am, can I ask—”

No! This is a code seventy-eight!

The police officer looked up at him and his face paled even more.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, I-I didn’t know. I’ll release them right now.”

The End

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