Chapter 12.4Mature

Caelan didn’t wake up for another couple of hours, in the meantime, she and Zeke spoke about trivial things, such as their favourite movies, favourite songs.

Caelan groaned slightly. “Morning,” he muttered.

“Afternoon, more like, darling,” Zeke laughed gently, leaning down to kiss him.

“What? I slept... for ages,” Caelan said, sitting up.

“You did,” Zeke agreed. “You must have needed it.”

“You know I don’t sleep very well without you,” he murmured.

"I know, love, I know," Zeke whispered. "We'll set off at half four. That leaves you a couple of hours. Go back to sleep if you want."

"No, no, I'll get up. Just... give me a couple of minutes."

Zeke smiled and kissed him gently. He sat back, crossing one ankle over the other. His leathers had been replaced by black skinny jeans, which were torn at the knees. Beth had to admit to herself, he looked better in those sorts of jeans than she did. Which made her pout a little.

"What are you moping about?" Caelan asked her as he rolled out of bed. Literally; he sat up on the floor and rested his chin on the mattress.

"Oh, nothing."

He shrugged as he stood, going over to his and Zeke's bag and getting a new set of clothes. Zeke was watching him silently. As Caelan shut himself in the bathroom, Zeke sighed, his head dropping back onto the wooden headboard.



On their way again, Caelan had practically forced Beth into the front seat, saying that he wanted to lie down. After agreeing with a rather confused look on her face, she sat in the seat.

“Ignore him,” Zeke murmured as he sat down.

She said nothing, not wanting to make things worse if there was an argument going on.

She relaxed into her seat and let her eyes look at the scenery they passed, not really taking it in. The atmosphere in the car was tense. Had Zeke and Caelan argued before they’d left the hotel? She glanced over at Zeke; he was biting at his lip as he drove, obviously thinking.

After about half an hour of driving – and Zeke informing her they were nearing Glasgow, she began to hear sirens behind her. She turned sideways in her seat as best she could with the seatbelt on. There was a police car coming up behind them. Zeke glanced at it in the rear view mirror and pulled over onto the side of the road to get out of their way.

He frowned when it pulled up behind them.

“I really don’t need this right now,” he muttered as one of the policemen in the car got out and walked over, tapping on his window to get Zeke to roll it down.

“Afternoon, sir,” the officer said, his Scottish accent strong.

“Afternoon,” Zeke mumbled.

“Do you know why I’ve pulled you over?”

Oh, wasn’t this so clichéd.

The End

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