Chapter 11.6Mature

“Conrad,” Zeke greeted him shortly, holding tightly onto his dagger.

“Zechariah,” Conrad replied in a similar tone. “I told you I'd come for him.”

“And here you are. You can't have him,” he said with an air of finality.

“Oh, you foolish boy.”

Some of the Brothers walked out to stand behind Zeke, supporting him.

“Oh, your comrades. They did so much against my human minions.”

“Since when did lycans use humans?” Liam sneered.

“Humans are disposable, vampire, surely you know that.”

“What do you want?” Mark demanded. “How did you get in here?”

“Zeke knows the answer to both of those questions. Why don't you tell them, Zeke?” Conrad said with a small smirk.

Zeke said nothing. He didn't turn around to look at his friends. He didn't say anything to Conrad. He just glared at him.

“Leave,” he said eventually. “Now, Conrad.”

“What you never understand is: this is only the beginning,” Conrad replied. “I'll be seeing you again, very soon. Make no mistake about that.”

And then he disappeared. It took everything in Zeke not to collapse to his knees and scream. This was his worst nightmare, what he often dreamed about. Conrad was back for his revenge.

“Who the hell was that, Zeke?” Liam demanded.

“Conrad,” he whispered in reply.

“And all of this,” Elijah said, gesturing to the bodies around them, “what the hell was that?”

“That's why I stay here when you guys go out for something big. I'd end up killing someone.”

“But how could you do all of this with one little dagger?” Eli asked.

“Training. Years and years of training,” he replied, omitting the true reason he could fight like this. The training had helped, yes, but it was his blood that allowed him this ability. A mix of vampire, warlock, angel and demon genes was unnatural and brought with it consequences.

He walked past them without another word, walking  into the living room, passing Beth and going straight back to his room. He shut the door and knocked on the bathroom door.

“It's over, Caelan. They're gone.”

After a moment the door opened and Zeke was being flung back as Caelan bear-hugged him. Now on the carpet with Caelan's arms around him, Zeke hugged him back, closing his eyes as he thought about what Conrad wanted.

“There was silence and I thought they'd got you, everyone. What was it?” Caelan asked, his face buried in Zeke's neck.

“Humans and a lycan. Someone I used to know.”

“What did they want?”

“I don't know,” he lied. Caelan couldn't know the truth. “The humans are dead but the lycan left.”

Caelan nodded and, after a few more moments, got up, holding his hands out to help Zeke off the floor, which he took.

Zeke kissed him gently before going over to the wardrobe and pulling out a large sports bag. He went to the dresser and began shoving both his and Caelan's clothes into it. He threw some clothes at Caelan, who was still naked from earlier. He also gave him a turtleneck to hide the bite mark by force of habit; Caelan always used to wear clothes like this to hide evidence when no one knew about them.

The End

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