Chapter 11.5Mature

Caelan looked at him for a few moments, weighing up his options. He hurried over, pushing Zeke's dagger into his hand.

“Please be careful.”


“You know that's a lie,” Caelan murmured with a smile, heading into the bathroom.

Zeke watched him walk away. With him here right now, he needed Caelan somewhere safe. He didn't have time to pull a shirt on as he sprinted out of the room. He heard Elijah shouting to Beth just before he entered the living room. A dagger was instantly being hurled at his face, but he managed to catch it just in time.

“It's just me!” he almost shouted, holding his hands up.

“Oh, thank God,” Elijah murmured.

“What's going on?”

“Not a clue,” Liam said from across the room where he and Onyx were trying to barricade the door.

“I was in here with Beth and there's just shouting from out in the corridor all of a sudden, and the door bursts open but it's only a couple. Managed to off them fairly quickly. They're humans though, how the fuck did they get in here?”

“I have a pretty good idea,” Zeke mumbled before turning to Onyx. “I need you to open that door.”

“What's going on, Zeke?” Lucas asked.

“Where are the others?” he asked, ignoring the question.

“Most of them are in the other rooms. Is Caelan safe?” Onyx answered.

Zeke nodded quickly. “I need you to open the door though.”

“Can you protect everyone if I do?”

“I can.”

Onyx seemed to believe him, nodding and telling Lucas to open the door. Zeke prepared himself for what he was going to do, summoning all of his energy. He shared a glance with Beth, who looked incredibly worried. He shot her a reassuring smile.

“You have to leave the door open as well,” he said to them.

“What are you planning on doing, Zeke?” Elijah asked.

“You'll have to see. Ready?”

“Ready,” Onyx confirmed with a nod.

Zeke walked over and got ready to dash out. As soon as the door was opened, he shot into the corridor and completely let himself go, showing them the reason he did the healing and not the fighting. He closed his eyes as he started and let himself fall into his trance state.

When he was next conscious of opening his eyes, he looked at the scene of utter devastation surrounding him. When he fought properly, he lost all sense of rationality and thinking. He could feel eyes on him and knew the other Brothers were watching.

Across the sea of dead human bodies, stood a well-dressed man with combed and styled blond hair, viciously sharp brown eyes and a cane to lean on.

The End

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