Chapter 11.3Mature

"I was reading, you know," Caelan pointed out as he looked up at the man he loved.

"You'd rather have your books than me?" asked Zeke quietly in response, a small smile on his lips.

"Never," he whispered.

"I won't hold you to that," he chuckled as he leant down and gently pressed his lips to Caelan's. “It’s later now, by the way.”

Caelan immediately kissed him back, ignoring the reference to earlier in the day when Zeke had wanted to join him in the shower...

God, he'd missed this. He knew it had only been a week but it felt much longer, and it wasn't long before he wanted more than just this innocent kiss. He tangled his fingers in Zeke's hair and deepened the kiss, opening his mouth to let Zeke slip his tongue in. He groaned when he got exactly what he wanted.

After a while, Zeke pulled away, but quickly kissed all down his throat, the V-neck Caelan was wearing allowing him to continue along his collarbone. Caelan's head tipped back into the mattress and his spine arched. He gasped out Zeke's name, getting his attention.

"Bite me," he practically begged. "Please, love, bite me."

Of course, this was Zeke who liked to torture him as much as possible, drag the pleasure out for as long as possible; he slowly ran his long, slender fangs up his neck, making him moan and tug on his hair. Caelan pleaded with him, begging him. It was a minute or so later that Caelan felt those teeth being driven sharply into his neck. Zeke was always rough when he fed, but only because he knew that was the way Caelan liked it.

Caelan felt the bliss, the drug-like effect, as Zeke fed on him. It had always been like this and he never got bored of the feeling—the feeling that every nerve in his body was coming alive and burning as bright as a star.

"Gods, Zeke," he moaned, his back arching up off the mattress again.

Zeke pulled away, enough to stop feeding but not enough that Caelan could no longer feel his breath against his over-sensitive skin. Zeke dragged his tongue up his neck, getting all the excess blood and encouraging the wound to close.

"I missed you, Zeke," he gasped.

"Oh, I've missed you too."

Zeke sat up, letting his groin rub against Caelan’s, who hissed and arched again.

Zeke was looking down at him through hooded eyes, their blue shining bright.

"You seem to have a problem," Zeke started in a soft tone.

There were so many things he could follow that with.

"And what's that?" Caelan gasped.

"You're still dressed."

Laughing, he replied, "So are you."

"True. You may need to help me with that," he murmured seductively.

"You had me at 'hello', Zeke," he muttered, rolling them over so he was on top.

The End

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