Chapter 11.2Mature

“You ready?” Zeke asked as he came into the large games/film room.

“I think so, yeah,” Beth replied, picking up her bag.

“Good. Just got Caelan to wait for now then.”

Beth noticed that the bags under his eyes weren’t as heavy as they had been this morning which made her glad.

When Caelan walked in a minute later, Zeke said:

“Dad knows we’re going now so we can just go without him worrying.”

Caelan nodded and took his hand with a smile. Zeke took Beth’s and the three of them dematerialised into the corridor of the safe house.

“I’ve just realised that I probably have stacks of work to do,” Zeke murmured as the long metal corridor appeared around them.

“Unlucky,” Beth laughed, taking her hand back and moving off in the direction of the living room, leaving Zeke and Caelan holding hands in the corridor.

After a few moments, Caelan was walking with her.

“You’re not staying with him?” she asked.

He shook his head. “He works more efficiently when I’m not there.”

“Oh, fair enough, I suppose.”

As Beth went into her room, Caelan went into Zeke’s, smiling happily. She dumped her bag and then went back into the living to join Elijah in watching the TV.



Caelan glanced up as the door opened and Zeke came in, looking worn out but his usual sexy self. Caelan smiled slightly at his thoughts but went back to reading on the e-reader Zeke had got him a couple of Christmases ago.

"You look tired," he noted.

"I feel it, despite having slept all day," Zeke mumbled in response, falling onto his side of the bed, lying on his front and burying his face in the pillows. "What are you reading?"

"Nothing," Caelan blushed.

Zeke looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. He propped himself up on his elbows and waited for an answer. When he saw he wasn't going to get one, he reached over and pulled it out of his hands, as only Zeke could.

"Zeke!" Caelan exclaimed, trying to grab it back.

He jumped up off the bed as Caelan made a lunge for it, leaving him stretched across the bed.

"Zeke, please," he groaned.

All he got in return was a wicked grin. Zeke looked at the e-reader and laughed.

"Seriously?" he asked.

"My mum got it for me a couple months ago. I think it was supposed to be something that got me interested in sex," Caelan mumbled, hiding his face behind his hands.

"She never needed to do that," Zeke teased.

Usually Caelan would have blushed and told him to shut up, but he found himself laughing with Zeke, rolling onto his back.

Zeke shot the screen one last glance before placing it on the bedside table. "Kinky," was all he said. He climbed gracefully onto the bed and threw one leg over Caelan so he was straddling him. That silenced his laughter.

The End

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