Chapter 11.1Mature

Well... What the hell just happened?

Beth frowned, worried, as she looked at where Zeke had run. She hurried to find him and make sure he was alright. The door to his room was open and she heard the soft sound of crying coming from inside.

“Hey, it’ll be okay. What is it, love?” she heard Caelan ask softly.

She stuck her head around the door, ready to duck back if she saw anything she didn’t want to see. The only thing going on though was Caelan (in a towel, thankfully) cuddling Zeke on the bed, holding him to him and stroking his hair gently.

“He okay?” she mouthed to him.

Caelan just shrugged slightly, anxiety painted across all of his features.

“My head hurts,” Zeke groaned, squeezing his head in his hands.

“What happened?” Caelan asked gently.

“I saw him. He was here. You went with him. Promise me you won’t go with him. Please, Cae, promise me,” Zeke said agitatedly, looking up at Caelan with tears in his eyes.

“I’m not going anywhere with anyone, baby, come on, stop this. And what do you mean, you saw? You... saw?”

“Yes,” Zeke whispered.

“But... that’s not supposed to be possible. You lost that ability.”

“Apparently not. It hurts, Caelan,” he murmured, clutching his head and curling up into a ball.

“Shush, it’s okay. It’ll be fine, just close your eyes and it’ll all be fine, come on. Everything’s fine, I’m right here.” Caelan said this quietly over and over to Zeke for a couple of minutes before his breathing evened out and he relaxed.

Caelan sighed gently and brushed the hair out of Zeke’s face before sitting up.

“He’s sleeping now,” he murmured.

“What happened?” Beth asked, walking into the doorway.

“Before his eighth birthday, Zeke used to be able to see the future. Not at will, like those who train in it, but just randomly. Usually when he met people. Something happened on his eighth birthday that made him lose some of the abilities he’d had previously; the foresight was one. He had another vision today.”

“But...” Beth frowned.

“Exactly. I’ll ask him more about it later when he wakes up.”

“I’ll go and get dressed now,” she said, moving to leave the room.

“See you in a bit.”

Beth walked back to the room they’d spent the night in and got dressed, telling herself she’d have a shower later.



The three of them were just getting ready to go back to the safe house. Time was beginning to tick towards evening now and Zeke had slept for most of the day. He’d slept like the dead which, Caelan noted, was very unusual for him. When he’d woken, Zeke had said he had no recollection of having any nightmares.

The End

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