Chapter 10.1Mature

“I can’t believe you stole my Skittles,” Beth mumbled as she admired the room.

“I do believe the packet says they’re for sharing,” Zeke pointed out with a grin.

“So? A cake says it serves twelve people. You’d be lucky if you got six slices out of it.” Beth crossed her arms as he laughed at her.

“That’s true,” he admitted, “but we’re sharing the Skittles.”

“Fine,” she conceded, pretending to pout.

Caelan laughed at their little argument as he darted out of the room, returning a second later with their bags.

“We’re spending the night in here?” he asked.

“Indeed. I think a film marathon is called for. Take your pick,” Zeke said to them.

Beth walked to the nearest of the selves, scanning along the titles. They all seemed to be horror films.

“Oh, Paranormal Activity!” she exclaimed, beaming ear to ear as she plucked it off the shelf.

“Save that for tonight,” Zeke smiled. “Much better in the dark.”

Chuckling, she turned back to the films. She gasped as she saw her favourite, pulling it out and scurrying over to the TV. She was momentarily confused by the lack of DVD player, before noticing the video game console on a shelf beside it. She turned it on and opened the disc tray, placing the DVD in it.

“What are we watching, Beth?” Caelan asked, walking over and sitting on the bed with his legs crossed.

“You’ll have to wait and see,” she teased, but Zeke snatched the box out of her hands in proper Zeke fashion. “Hey! You guys are so mean to me.”

“Only when we want to be,” he winked with a smirk. “The Prophecy? Oh, Beth, how do you know all of my favourite things?”

“Because I’m a magical genius.” She stuck her tongue out at him and went to sit next to Caelan.

Grinning, Zeke grabbed one of the console controllers and went to join them, sitting on the other side of Caelan.

As the film started, Beth noticed that Zeke and Caelan were whispering as quietly as they could. She didn’t say anything, even in jest, because she hoped they were sorting everything out.

After a few minutes, Zeke said, “Beth, are you mouthing the words?”

“Uh, no?” she tried; she couldn’t help it—she didn’t know when she was doing it.

“Yeah you are,” he grinned.

She stuck her tongue out at him again as she went back to watching the film.

Fifteen minutes in, she noticed that Zeke had put down the Skittles at the foot of the bed. She glanced over at the two of them beside her; they were too busy kissing to notice if she took them. She leant forward quietly, reaching for them. She sat back, a feeling of triumph overcoming her. As quietly as she could, she tore the top, feeling victorious as it didn’t make a sound.

The End

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