Chapter 9.10Mature

Zeke sighed in relief and slid onto the stools opposite Beth, eating silently. He finished quickly, grabbing their plates and placing them in the dishwasher before turning it on. He walked over to one of the cupboards and opened it, getting out a cardboard box. He grinned as he placed it on the worktop, opening it.

“This was always my favourite box as a kid,” he grinned.

“What’s in it?” Beth asked as she got up and went over to have a look.

“Lots and lots of sweets,” he laughed.

She saw two sharing bags of Skittles and grabbed them immediately.

“Mine!” she shouted, running away with them, laughing.

She heard laughter behind her as she ran as quickly as she could. Darting into Zeke’s room, she yelped as she was tackled onto the bed by Caelan.

“Give them to me!” he commanded.

“No,” she shrieked as he began to tickle her.

Zeke strode in, whistling. He plucked them from her hands and walked out again.

“I think you’ll find they’re mine,” was all he said.

“You guys are so mean,” Beth whined, trying to hold in another burst of giggles.

“Only when it involves rainbow-coloured bits of sugar,” Caelan commented, getting up.

“Rainbow isn’t a colour,” she called after him as he left.

She got up and ran after him. She noticed he was following Zeke further down the corridor, away from the kitchen. She wondered where they were going as they turned a corner and headed down another corridor.

Zeke grinned at them, carrying the cardboard box full of sweets, as he opened a door and walked in, leaving it open for them to follow.

Upon entering, Beth stopped in her tracks, looking around the room.

“Woah,” she murmured.

The room was fairly large, with bookshelves lining three walls, floor to ceiling—except there were no books on the shelves; it was simply DVDs, video games and CDs. On the one wall not covered with the shelves, was a huge, wall-mounted plasma TV. In front of the TV, there was a queen-sized bed with what looked like the most comfortable mattress in existence.

“This is my second bedroom,” Zeke said as he placed the box on the bed.

“This is awesome,” Beth responded, looking around.

“This is where we’ll be spending the night, I think,” Zeke grinned.

The End

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