Chapter 9.8Mature

“What happened to your mother?” Beth asked gently, unsure of whether he’d tell her or not.

Zeke turned his head to look at her, his eyes full of pain. She stayed silent, waiting to see if he’d tell her. After a minute or so, which felt like hours in the silence, Zeke opened his mouth.

“She was—”

All of a sudden Caelan returned, holding Beth’s overnight bag and his own small bag. Zeke shut his mouth and smiled.

“Hey, you okay?” Caelan asked, immediately concerned by the emotion in his eyes.

“I’m alright,” Zeke replied, giving Caelan a small, but genuine nonetheless, smile. “What time is it?” he asked no one in particular, glancing over at the clock. “Who wants lunch?”

Beth’s stomach answered for her with a sharp growl. Zeke laughed and, when Caelan said that he did, got up and began to leave the room. Caelan placed the two bags on the bed and followed. Beth hurried after them.

Walking back down the corridor she and Caelan had originally come down, they walked across the living area and through a door, into a very modern, well kitted-out kitchen. Caelan sat at the island so Beth followed suit.

“Sandwiches?” Zeke asked.

The two confirmed that they wanted sandwiches and Zeke began to make them. Caelan couldn’t keep his eyes off Zeke as he moved around the kitchen. Beth would have laughed if it weren’t for the fact that she was so glad they’d made up. 

Zeke made them quickly, sliding two plates across the island to Beth and Caelan. His own plate sat on the work surface.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” Zeke said before leaving the kitchen

Beth and Caelan ate in a comfortable silence. Beth hadn’t realised quite how hungry she was.

“I thought vampires didn’t need to eat?” she asked after a couple of minutes.

“Different for those of us who are born vampires. We need food as well, but we need blood less often,” Caelan told her with a shrug.

“Oh, right.”

When Zeke came back, he quickly made another sandwich. He looked up at something through the door in the living room, a reassuring smile on his lips.

“Come on, babe,” he said gently. There was a slight whispering noise. “It’s just Caelan, and one of my friends. Come meet her.”

There was a slight pause before a little girl shuffled in. She had beautiful hair the colour of wheat that fell in ringlets, framing her face. Her large grey eyes shone with fear and anxiety.

“I do not like strangers,” she whispered.

“Caelan’s not a stranger though, Lilac. This is Beth. She’s mine and Caelan’s friend. She’s really nice,” Zeke said softly.

“She is still a stranger though,” Lilac murmured, clutching the little worn bear in her hands.

“Don’t think of it like that,” he chided softly.

The End

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