Chapter 9.6Mature

About five minutes into the song, with Caelan’s head hiding under the pillow, the door opened and Zeke came in, singing (though the correct verb for this sort of music is probably screaming) the bit of the song .

“‘Saddle up your steeds, killing scores with demon swords, now is the death of doers of wrong’,” he said, his tone and fail at air guitar making her burst out laughing until she was clutching her sides.

“How did you know my favourite song?” he grinned as he turned it down a bit.

“I hate you guys,” Caelan groaned from under the pillow.

Zeke laughed and jumped onto the middle of the land, landing perfectly between the two of them.

Beth wiped away tears of laughter from her eyes.

“And how are you, dearest Beth?” he asked her, smiling.

Instead of answering she arranged his fringe so it was covering both of his eyes, chuckling as she did.

“Why, thank you. My dad was saying I needed a different haircut. I think he will approve.”

She laughed at his words, rolling her eyes, knowing full well he couldn’t see her.

“Can I take a picture?” she asked.

“If you really want.”

She got out the phone that Onyx had given to her what seemed like years ago and took a picture of Zeke grinning, his eyes invisible.

“Beautiful,” she commented as she lay down.

He flicked his head to the side, throwing the hair out of his face.

“Who cuts your hair?” she asked.

“I do. Always have.”

Caelan suddenly burst out laughing. “My gods, I remember the first time you cut your hair,” he said as he took his head out from under the pillow.

“I’m going to push you off the bed in a minute,” Zeke warned him, a playful lilt to his voice though.

“That was absolutely hilarious.” The hysterical laughter stopped him saying anything else.

True to his word, Zeke pushed him off the bed and then rolled to take his place, spreading his arms and legs out to take up as much room as possible. Giggling, Beth did the same.

Caelan just kept laughing on the floor. When he’d recovered enough, he stood, looked at them on the bed, and then just fell on top of their legs.

“Get off!” Beth laughed, trying to kick at him but failing miserably. Eventually she gave up and just gave in to the laughter. “I love how three grown adults are acting like six year olds,” she said eventually, her stomach hurting from laughing so much.

“Beth, if you can’t behave like a child with your closest friends, who can you do it with?” Zeke commented, grinning widely. “I do have a dead leg now though.”

Caelan laughed a little and sat in the space between their legs.

“Lass mich dein seele dem herrscher der finsternis opfern,” Zeke randomly said, chuckling quietly. It sounded like German.

“What the hell?” Caelan laughed.

“There was a teenage girl in one of the wards that thought it meant something like ‘I never want to let you go’ so I looked it up to check.”

“And did it?” Beth asked.

He grinned. “No, it was something like ‘Let me sacrifice your soul to the ruler of the darkness’.”

“Did you correct her?” Beth asked after another fit of giggles.

“I couldn’t; she passed away in the night.”

The End

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