Chapter 9.2Mature

“Yes, we have elevators, Beth. Vampires aren't all stuck in the Middle Ages.”

She frowned at him for laughing at her but said nothing. He pressed the button for the first floor and stood quietly, pulling at his fingernails nervously. The lift began to roll up, away from the ground.

“Who's Jordan?” she asked.

“Zeke's dad.”

“Oh, right.”

When the lift stopped and the doors opened, he led her down the corridor to another set of doors, both of them decorated with loads of drawings.

“Children's ward,” he murmured as he opened the door.

He strode through, more nurses greeting him. He gave most of them a smile but actually spoke to a couple of them. They eventually found Jordan Wade standing at the end of the bed of a sleeping boy. He was studying the medical notes with a frown on his face.

“Jordan,” Caelan said, bringing his head up.

The frown instantly became a smile. “Caelan, hi. How are you?”

“I'm alright, thanks. You?”

“I am well, though those we are surrounded by are not.” He smiled briefly before his face turned serious. “What happened last week?”

“It's a long story, but it was my fault.”

“I very much doubt that, Caelan.”

“Has he been sleeping any better here?”

Jordan shook his head. “Even if he takes a sleeping draught he's plagued by bad dreams, though they do not seem to affect him as much.”

Caelan sighed, running a hand through his hair. “Has he told you anything about them?”

“Zeke’s always had bad dreams, Caelan. He just learnt to hide the signs; he’s never told me about his dreams. Of course, he never said anything much to anybody until he was about four.”

Caelan opened his mouth to say something but Jordan cut him off.

“Don’t push him about it. He wouldn’t admit it but the nightmares got worse after his eighth birthday. Do you know what that means?”

Caelan’s face paled. “But next week is his twenty-ninth birthday.”

“I know. I need to speak with my brother-in-law. He’ll know what to do, I hope.” Jordan sighed. “Anyway, I’ll keep you updating as to that situation. I assume you came here to find Zeke. He’s upstairs in maternity B.”

“Thank you,” Caelan murmured, nodding slowly.

Jordan gave him a sad smile and squeezed his arm, quietly wishing him luck, before he walked down the ward, turning a corner.

“He doesn’t look anything like Zeke,” Beth noted, more to herself than to Caelan.

“Apparently Zeke looks just like his mother,” he replied.

Beth remembered what Zeke had said to her about his mother before they’d gone to that warehouse:

It was men trying to defend her that got my mother killed.

Caelan turned and headed back to the elevators.

“What was Jordan talking about?” Beth asked.

“It would take too much explaining. But let’s just say, if he’s right, we won’t know Zeke as he is for much longer.”

Beth could tell he was trying not to think about it and what would happen so she didn’t ask anymore.

The End

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