Chapter 8.8Mature

Zeke sighed and nodded. “Yeah, that’s about right. Aran,” Zeke called. The dog stepped forward and sat patiently. Zeke asked it something and it answered. “I thought so. If you want to join the Covenant, one of the Inner Circle will induct you. But if Maverick thinks you have a lot of potential, he’ll do it himself.”

“What about you?” Elijah asked.

Zeke didn’t answer for a short while. “The latter,” he eventually said. He stepped over the candles and stood beside the male body on the floor, looking down at him. “He’s going to die very soon if Tatiana doesn’t show within the next hour or so. And from the looks of things, she’s not been here for a couple of days.”

He seemed to think for a minute or so before he reached underneath his coat and removed a shiny dagger that looked as if it was made out of titanium, the engravings on the asymmetrical wavy blade flashing. Beth vaguely remembered that that sort of blade was called a kris (which she knew from when her little brother, Jack, went through a stage of wanting to know everything about ancient weapons).

“You still have that?” Caelan asked, sounding bewildered and angry.

“Of course I do, Caelan. Why wouldn’t I?” Zeke asked, looking over, the light from the candles licking at his face.

The bewildered look disappeared, leaving him just angry. “When you came home, I found you in the bathroom self-harming with that fucking knife!” he shouted.

What? Beth thought. Zeke had self-harmed? He didn’t have any scars.

Zeke reflexively hid his hands behind his back.

“I was never going to get rid of it, Cae.”

“Don’t call me that when I’m pissed off with you! I can’t believe you kept it. I can’t believe you. I trusted you, Zeke, you promised!”

“No, I promised that I wouldn’t leave again. I never said I was going to get rid of my dagger.” Zeke was trying to keep calm but Beth could see he was beginning to lose it a bit.

“Don’t be pedantic,” Caelan snapped. “I hate you sometimes, I really do.”

“I know you do.”

“You don’t tell me anything anymore, Zeke! What happened? You never tell me why you wake up screaming in the middle of the night, you never tell me what’s wrong when I find you curled up in a ball in the corner, you never even tell me what you’re thinking! How am I supposed to trust you anymore?” he shouted.

Beth wasn’t sure how Caelan had got to this from a dagger, but had a feeling this had been brewing inside his mind for a while now and that this argument was inevitable. Best here, in front of a small group than in front of everybody, Beth thought.

That was when Zeke lost it. “How are you supposed to trust me? We’ve been best friends for twenty-five years, Caelan! Twenty-five fucking years! You know more about me than anybody! You’re the only person other than my dad that I actually trust! And now you’re saying you can’t trust me? How many times have you told me what your nightmares are about? Trust goes both ways! I don’t tell you what they’re about because you hate talking about my time with them! That’s what they’re about!”

Caelan turned and stormed off, shoving past Liam as he did.

The End

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