Chapter 8.6Mature

“This is Detective Johnson,” Zeke said, gesturing to the one in civilian clothing, “and Sergeant Ward,” he said, gesturing to the other.

“We were told that you’d be the expert in this... case,” Sergeant Ward said, his deep voice reminding Beth of her grandfather on her father’s side, before she reminded herself that she wasn’t really related to him.

“What is it?” Onyx asked, his authoritative voice confusing the officers as to who was in charge, him or Zeke.

“You’d best just come and see for yourselves,” the detective said quietly, taking out a key and unlocking the heavy duty padlock on the warehouse doors.

He pushed the door open and stepped back, letting the Brothers go in first. Beth hesitated before entering after them.

“Stop!” Zeke shouted, bringing everyone to an immediate halt.

“What is it?” Liam asked.

“Stay here. Do not cross that white line,” he commanded. He slipped away from the group, walking forwards slowly.

“Zeke, be careful,” Onyx warned.

The shadows in the building began to slip away, crawling to the edges and up the walls, revealing a thick white line about three metres ahead of the group.

“What’s going on?” Detective Johnson asked warily.

“Shush!” Zeke snapped. His face was closed and his expression blank as he knelt to study the line.

A loud growl brought everyone’s heads snapping up. A huge... dog, Beth supposed because she had no other word for it. The size and shape of it looked familiar, and then she remembered Kyra, Storm’s tiger/dog/huge monster. This creature was like her in a way; its fur looked thick and coarse, but a light shade of blue instead of black, the tail wasn’t as long but the paws were bigger.

It stopped growling when it saw Zeke, its head tipping to the side in confusion.

Zeke straightened up slowly, making sure his hands were where the creature could see them. He took a few careful steps over the line before the creature bolted at him, knocking him. There was a flurry of movement as everyone moved to run over to help.

“Zeke!” Caelan shouted.

Until he heard Zeke’s laugh that was. Everyone stopped and frowned; the creature was jumping up and down on Zeke’s chest, licking his face excitedly.

“Get off me, you overgrown mutt,” he laughed.

The creature chuffed happily but did as it was told.

“Zeke, what the hell is going on?” Onyx asked, stepping forward.

The happy dog-thing growled immediately, its hackles rising as it bared its teeth at Onyx.

“Don’t step any closer,” Zeke warned.

“Why’s it letting you close but not us?” Elijah asked, cautious and curious.

Zeke sighed before he said, “Because he knows me. This is Aran. Maverick’s guard dog.”

A hiss went up from the vampires at the very mention of his name. The dog growled louder in response.

The End

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